Wonderland Personal Lube

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Available in several formulas and flavours:
Silicone Lubricant: Experience a superior glide with the Wonderland Pure Silicone Personal Lube. The silicone-based formula is much greasier than a water-based lube, and despite the usual thin texture of silicone lubrications, the Wonderland Personal Lube has a wonderfully thick texture. The viscous texture is ideal for when you want to completely eliminate unwanted drag and friction, perfect for when you want to play with an extra large toy. Creating an extra slippery surface, this lube is great for skin-to-skin contact, and the preferred lubrication for those that enjoy anal play and fisting. It's also ideal for oversized toys like big dildo's and anal plugs. In an easy to dispense squeeze bottle you can place the lube in your hand or directly on the body for easy application and little mess. It won't drip, staying in place where you put it. It takes ages for it to dry out, meaning that you won't have to keep reapplying this lube. The waterproof formula makes play in the shower, whether with a lover or toy, extra easy, comfortable, and fun. It's safe to use this silicone-based lubricant with latex condoms, but should be avoided when playing with silicone toys because of the possible damaging silicone-on-silicone interactions.
Water-Based: Luxuriously slick and slippery, the Wonderland Personal Water-Based Lube is the perfect complement to any sexual encounter. Containing a natural preservative, it's safe to buy some extra and stock up to make sure you never run out, because the worst thing to happen in the heat of the moment is to realize that you don't have any lube left. And you'll hate to be without this hypoallergenic formula that leaves wonderfully conditioned and moisturised skin in its wake. In an easy to apply tube, the crystal-clear formula stays where it's put with a less runny formula than silicone lubes. It's also less sticky and messy than silicone or oil based lubrications, and the water-soluble formula is easy to wash off skin and fabric. Safe for use with all types of materials including silicone toys and latex condoms, it also makes skin-to-skin play feel sensational. Just a drop of this long lasting lube will go a long way on toys and skin, and eliminate friction and drag. It's even good for large toys and makes a super slippery surface for a more enjoyable and comfortable anal experience. The Wonderland Personal Water-Based Lube is the all in one lube that does for every situation and always creates a perfectly slick and slippery encounter.
Natural: You can feel confident that the Wonderland Personal Lube - Natural, made from all natural ingredients, will provide you will a slick and comfortable sexual encounter every time. This water-based lubricant produces a slippery surface where applied that lasts the duration, without the need for reapplication and removes drag and friction with its ultra moisturising formula. This lubes list of natural ingredients contains Shea butter, renowned for its moisturising properties, and Carrageenan to help this lube stay thick and smooth while keeping the other ingredients stabilized. Whether you use this lube over muscles during a massage, or for vaginal or anal penetration, it makes skin-to-skin contact feel amazing, and when used with sex toys or masturbation the experience is extra slick and comfy. Safe for use with silicone toys and latex condoms, the water-based formula is a flexible lube to have at hand. The Wonderland Personal Lube - Natural is free from any glycerine and parabens, and is also hypoallergenic, making it the perfect alternative for those with sensitive skin. Buy extra and keep stored, because nothing is more devastating during sex than needing lube and not having any left, the natural preservative contained in the formula will keep it safe for long periods.

Manufacturer SKU
0996-01-BU, 0996-01-BX, 0996-02-BU, 0996-02-BX, 0996-03-BX, 0996-04-BU, 0996-04-BX




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