Wet Sugar Free Clear Flavoured Body Glide

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21506, 21507, 21603


Three different flavours to choose from:
Sweet Cherry - If you're tired of the nasty chemically odour and taste of most personal lubes, you need to try something a little bit sweeter! Wet Sugar Free Clear Flavoured Body Glide 3.5oz / 100g Sweet Cherry is a lube that you'll love to use. The body safe formula is completely clear and won't leave behind any stains or any of the messy residue that most lubes will. And it's latex safe, so you can use it with any latex condom. Body safe and formulated to work so well that it can be used as a massage oil as well as a personal lubricant, this lube is also infused with the sultry sweet flavour and aroma of sweet cherry. You'll get maximum pleasure from every drop since there's no more fear of having a nasty taste ruin the moment, and the scent of cherries will only enhance your romantic experiences. And since the lubricant is made using a totally sugar free formula, there's no sticky residue and no problems with skin reactions or other issues. It's completely safe, non-toxic, and absolutely delicious. Don't settle for another plain old bottle of personal lubricant when you can take your next romantic encounter into sweet places. Wet Sugar Free Clear Flavoured Body Glide 3.5oz / 100g Sweet Cherry can transform your lovemaking! You'll get 3.5 ounces with your order, and a little bit of this lube can go a long, long way!
Pomegranate - If you love the idea of a rich and exotic getaway but don't have the time or money, you need to tap into your imagination with a product that will help the 3.5oz/ 100g Pomegranate Flavoured Lubricant. The pomegranate is an ancient Persian fruit that is known for its rich red colour and its tangy and exotic taste. Surprisingly, many adults have already had a taste of this exotic fruit gem but didn't know it Grenadine, which is used to mix cocktails, is actually pomegranate juice that has been sweetened. Besides the incredible health benefits of this fruit, it has an unusual and delectable flavour, which is why it such a treat to find a personal lubricant that is flavoured with pomegranate! This lube is silky smooth, water based, and wont stain or irritate your skin. Enjoy the sugar free and non-bitter flavour as you lick your way to climax.
Kiwi Strawberry - Many people have had to avoid lubricants because of the high sugar contents in them. This is unfortunate, because lubricants can be a great way to ensure both comfort and sensuality to any lovemaking session. Thanks to innovative breakthroughs, Wet Sugar Free Clear Flavoured Body Glide 1.5oz/44ml Kiwi Strawberry has managed to combine the best of both worlds-sugar free lubricants that taste and feel good. This crystal clear massaging and lubricant gel is completely free from sugars, and is an FDA approved product that will keep you super slick and wet. The delicious scent and taste of Kiwi and strawberry will add a touch of the exotic to your bedroom, and you never have to worry about staining up your skin, sheets or clothes. You can use this product safely with condoms and many sex toys, so sit back and enjoy the ride of a super silken and tangy lube!

Manufacturer SKU
21506, 21507, 21603




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