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Wet Stuff | Silicone | Lubricants
Wet Stuff
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50102, 50100


Making it easy to take your lube with you and be ready for some spontaneous sex, all you have to do is break open a capsule and you'll have you’re a high grade silicone lubrication to enjoy. The Ready Silicone Body glide personal lubrication from Wet Stuff comes in an easy to use and travel ready capsule, and when it's broken open it makes play with toys and lovers feel slick, slippery, and completely comfortable.
The special silicone formulation is made with a pure high-grade silicone and its silky smooth formula is guaranteed to never be sticky. Its lightweight formula is paraben free as well as clear, and odourless, and latex safe, so you can use it with your condoms. In fact using this lube makes condom wear a lot more enjoyable; just put a drop into the inside of the condom before putting on and not only will it be more comfortable but will increase his sensitivity.
It's a great choice for play in the water because its hydrophobic formula won't wash away without soap. So unlike water-based lubrications it lasts when you apply it for play in the bath, shower, hot tub, or pool. Out of the water it will last just as long as the water-free lubrication won't evaporate like water-based formulas and the large silicone molecules won't absorb into skin.
Break open a capsule and make every touch feel effortless as they glide over your body just like a lover's tongue, leaving your skin feeling silky soft and smooth.
The Wet Stuff Silicone Body glide is a slick personal lubricant that is long lasting and super slippery. It's the first choice for those that want to play in the water without their lube washing away, and it makes all types of intimate contact feel more natural and enjoyable. Safe for use with condoms and any non-silicone toys, the Ready Silicone Body glide is a versatile personal lubricant that comes in travel ready form.
There are 18 capsules in this package, and it makes it easy to take your lubrication with you when you leave the house. Put a capsule into your pocket, wallet, or purse, and it will be there from you when you're away from home. It's a great way to take your lubrication with your when you are on vacation, and won't end up with a leaky mess all over your luggage.
Each capsule contains enough silicone-based lubrication to last for a full session whether you're playing with toys or a lover. The pure high-grade silicone is lightweight and applies smoothly with a silky and smooth formula that is clear, odourless, and never sticky. It's also latex safe and compatible with all condoms, giving you an easy way to increase comfort and sensitivity levels when wearing condoms.
The slippery silicone=based formula is ideal for play in the water as it does not rinse away like water-based formulas, and the large sized silicone molecules aren't absorbed into skin, meaning that you won't need to be constantly reapplying lubrication and breaking into more capsules.

Wet Stuff
Manufacturer SKU
50102, 50100


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