Wet Stuff Lite

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Wet Stuff
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11015, 11020, 11032, 11034


Wet Stuff Lite lubrication provides a comfortable, non-messy appeal that couples love. This unique product is designed to keep women lubed up so those intimate moments are much more comfortable and enjoyable. The Lite formulation contains less silicone, and more water-based, making it less likely (not that others would) stain, and still offer excellent lubrication qualities during sexual intercourse. Men love Wet Stuff lubrications because they are safe to use with latex condoms. Even doctors recommend Wet Stuff Lite lubrication because it makes insertion of medical tools easy. Since this product contains no harsh chemicals or dyes, it is safe to use even on the most sensitive individuals. This lubricant is colorless, tasteless, and odorless. Even better is the fact that it is also edible so you can still enjoy a little oral fun even after you apply it. Don't let vaginal dryness drag you down with discomfort. Experience the exquisite wetness that Wet Stuff Lite lubrication provides time and time again. When you are finished, simply wipe the lubricant off with water for fast, easy cleanup.
Enjoy the benefits of long lasting lubrication with Wet Stuff Lite. This extremely unique product is designed with the sensitivities of women in mind. Rather than fussing over products containing harsh chemicals, enjoy the cooling gentle feel of this natural feeling colorless gel lubricant. There is no reason why you should have to forgo intimate encounters simply because you suffer from vaginal dryness. You can easily apply this product before or during intimate encounters. You can reapply this lubrication as often as you like. Wet Stuff Lite is not harmful when ingested. It is also free of oils, colors, perfumes, and sugars. When this lubrication dries on your skin, it turns into a silky, satiny powder that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Enjoy this lite lubrication with your partner for alone while you're using your favorite latex toy. comes in 55g, 90g, 250g, 1kg.

Wet Stuff
Manufacturer SKU
11015, 11020, 11032, 11034




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