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Wet Lubricants - High Quality Lube for You

Based in California, Wet (Trigg Lanoratories) is now known to be one of the Worlds leading personal lubricant manufacturers. Established in 1989, and with a 20,000 metre square manufacturing plant, they produce many thousands of products a day.

Wet range of products extends to over 100 different products, in many different sizes. They make such common products as their original gel lubricant, a lighter liquid lubricant, flavoured lubricants, warming lubricants and natural range of lubricants, that are glycerin and paraben free.

Browse our range of Wet lubricants and gels above.

Sometimes it's better to focus on one particular thing than trying to handle numerous ones. You'll end up becoming a 'jack of all trades', but a master of none. That's why while plenty of companies are cranking out vibrators, dongs, dildos, and cock rings of all sizes and description, some companies are focused solely on one particular area of the sex toy industry. One of the best examples of this is Wet Lubricants. A great vibrator or butt plug will help you have a special evening for sure, but without lube it will be a little bit harder to enjoy yourself.

Wet Lubricants are among the best known and widely utilised lubricants in the world. If you're using toys and condoms you'll need to find a good water based lube, and there are plenty of options available here. And in some cases you'll even be able to find lubricants that are not only water based, but have additional properties like Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. You won't be thinking about it in the heat of the moment, but they'll actually help moisturise and keep your skin healthy while you enjoy yourself. In other words, they have multiple benefits to them and shouldn't be ignored.

You may also be able to find Wet Lubricants that are flavoured. There are plenty of different flavours, so it's really just a matter of looking into them and choosing the best one for you. If oral sex is a regular part of your sexual endeavours then adding flavoured lubricant will help you avoid that nasty, chemically taste that can literally ruin the mood within an instant. But that's not all that Wet Lubricants can offer. You'll also be able to find cooling and warming lubricant that helps add a new dimension to sex – a new dimension you may not have felt before.

Basically, Wet Lubricants are varied in what they can do for you. Basic lube is pretty much essential for a great time with your toys and even your partner, but adding some lube with a bit of flair can really help your pleasure increase even further. And since they're inexpensive, it's an easy matter to add a couple of bottles of lubricant to your current order of sex toys. It's just a few dollars more, but it's a few dollars that you certainly won't regret spending once you get your order and start taking it all for a test ride.


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