Wet Flavoured Gel Lubricant 3.5oz / 100G

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21501, 21503, 21509, 21510


Four delicious flavours to choose from:
Passion Fruit Punch - One of the most popular twists to conventional sex is the practice of either oral sex or the stimulation of the skin. While some frown on any deviations from the norm, there are many women in particular who would be unable to experience climax without clitoral stimulation. In addition, there is scientific evidence that shows that skin on skin touching is absolutely essential for physical, emotional and mental well-being. A great way to enhance any oral experience is to use a product like Wet Flavoured Gel Lubricant 3.5oz / 100g Passion Fruit Punch. This delicious gel is created to enhance oral pleasures, and is designed to ensure a complete absence of any bitter aftertastes. This water based lubricant is completely safe to ingest, and is sugar free so that anyone can use it. Latex products are compatible with this product, so if you have a favourite latex toy, use it!
Kiwi Strawberry - Couples prefer Wet Flavored Gel Lubricant Kiwi Strawberry available in a 3.5oz/100g bottle. Complete with natural fruit flavors, this gel is the perfect way to provide moisture when you need it most. As an added convenience, this gel is colorless meaning you do not have to worry about staining. Wet brings you one of the greatest additions to their all-natural line of lubricants that are always glycerin, paraben, and sugar free, which means it is non-toxic and harmless if ingested. In fact, do not be afraid to rub Wet Flavored Gel Lubricant Kiwi Strawberry on your partner and give it a little lick to enhance the fun and excitement. There is no better way to have an interesting and slippery good time. What is even better about this lubricating gel is that it is safe to use with condoms. When you are finished, simply wash it off with soap and warm water.
Watermelon - Lubricants are sometimes an essential product for lovemaking or masturbation. As women age, hormonal changes can lead to vaginal dryness, regardless of the level of arousal. In order to prevent painful chafing, a good lubricant can keep sex pleasurable and comfortable. In other instances, a large sized penis can cause discomfort without a wetter entrance, and lubrication is needed to allow the delicious penetration. Sex toys typically need a good lube to be used properly, as the synthetic components need to glide over your body without friction. Wet Flavoured Gel Lubricant 3.5oz/100g Watermelon is a lube that can cure what ails you in a tasteful way. This water based lube is sugar free, so people that need to avoid sugars can ingest at will. The deliciously scented and flavoured product will leave a sweet taste in your mouth long after you're done, and the crystal clear gel wont ever stain.
Wild Blueberry - One of the great things about personal lubricants is that it lets you experiment with different tastes and tactile sensations at a very low cost. Keeping the love life fresh and fun can be a challenge sometimes, so it is nice to know that there are many ways to add a sense of adventure without breaking the bank. Wet Flavoured Gel Lubricant 3.5oz/100g Wild Blueberry is a great example of a silky smooth lubricant that tastes as good as it feels. The tangy and sweet flavour will keep you licking it off your partners body for a double pleasure. This sugar free product is perfect for those watching their weight or avoiding sweets, and the delightfully scented lube is crystal clear and washes off of any surface without stains. Let yourself relax without worry into the sensual world of a slippery personal lubricant that gets the job done every time!

Manufacturer SKU
21501, 21503, 21509, 21510




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