We-Vibe Replacement Charger

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We Vibe
We Vibe
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TouchTangSalsCharger, we-vibe3-replacement-cradle, , 8.39E+10


Keep your We-Vibe toys powered up - we offer the full range of replacement chargers for your we-vibe related toys - we have the chargers for We-Vibe Touch, Tango, Salsa, We-Vibe 3 (cradle and plug), and the Thrill.
Touch/Tango/Salsa: If you cant live without your We-Vibe Touch Tango Salsa vibrator, you will want to purchase a We-Vibe Touch Tango Salsa Replacement Charger to be sure to always have power on hand when you need it most. Elegant, exuberant, and effective, the We-Vibe is an extremely popular toy that has risen through the ranks of adult toys everywhere. It can be worn by a woman during intercourse, putting her in control to maximize the pleasure of both partners. There's nothing like being caught with your pants down and not enough power in your We-Vibe, however, which is why it can be so handy to have a We-Vibe Touch Tango Salsa Replacement Charger at your disposal. With the touch of a button and a few minutes of time, you can rev up your engines and get ready for the powerful vibrations that have made the We-Vibe so famous. Don't get caught without it.
We-Vibe 3: The We-Vibe line of toys has revolutionised the adult toy world, and the We-Vibe 3 is one of the best products yet. It offers couples the chance to give one another shared pleasure sensations thanks to its unique design that offers internal and external stimulation. But the unique design of the We-Vibe 3 means that it has unique needs. And if your charger goes on the fritz, you'll need a new one fast. The We-vibe 3 Replacement Plug Adaptor is designed to keep your toy charged up and ready to go whenever you need some fun. Since the We-Vibe 3 is designed with a unique case that is actually a charger and case in one, the power adaptor needs to be just right for the case. Instead of spending money on a charger that may not work properly with your We-Vibe or buying a charger that could actually damage it, the We-vibe 3 Replacement Plug Adaptor is the official adaptor and the one that you'll need. It's affordable and designed to deliver exactly the right level of wattage to keep your toy charged up properly. There are generic imitations on the market, but they simply can't provide the right level of performance that an official adaptor will give you. Don't run out of juice when you need it. Get an adaptor and give yourself the power to stay powered up and ready for fun at any moment!
Thrill: Plug the USB into a USB power source, like your laptop, a car adapter, or any commercially available USB power adapter. A full charge lasts for up to two hours, depending on which vibration mode you're using higher vibration speeds will drain the battery faster. The charging system automatically shuts off when full power is reached to let you know it's ready to go. The indicator light on the charging base turns off when your Thrill by We-Vibe is ready for you. The Thrill by We-Vibe uses a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery. This means you don't need to drain the battery before recharging. Keep your Thrill always accessible by charging it regularly. Take the small base with you on vacation so you're never without your favourite toy. The Thrill by We-Vibe charging base works abroad, the universal USB will plug into any countries power adapters. The sleek and compact design of the charging base fits easily and securely in your purse. So take it to work and plug it in at your office inside your drawer, no one will ever even know.

We Vibe
Manufacturer SKU
TouchTangSalsCharger, we-vibe3-replacement-cradle, , 8.39E+10



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Lost it somewhere on holiday

review by Sam (posted on 1/03/2016)

We were pleased to be able to find a replacement charger so that we didn't have to buy a whole new toy. It's one of the toys we use regularly and so we were pleased to find the new charger.

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