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We-Vibe by Standard Innovation Corp - A Vibrating Revolution

The We Vibe phenomenon is sweeping the World. The We Vibe is probably one of the most unique sex toys and vibrators, available on the market today. The We Vibe is truly unique, in both design and also function. Although technically a vibrator it certainly does not conform to many of the previous styles of vibrators. It is probably about as revolutionary as the rabbit vibrator was to the vibrator market a few years ago.

The vibrator is designed to be inserted into the vagina during normal intercourse. The rippled underside is able to gently massage the womans internal G-spot, while the inside of the top part also massages the clitoris. The We Vibe is so inobtrusive that it can be worn during sex - making it a truly special experience for couples.

With a recent release of the We Vibe 2 you can buy yours using one of the links down below!

Every so often, a product is introduced to the sex toy marketplace that changes the game. The Rabbit vibrator is a perfect example of this, and even the Fleshlight qualifies. But the most recent revolution has come in the form of the WeVibe from Standard Innovation Corp. While it's certainly a vibrator, it happens to be a vibrator unlike any that has come before it and it's already inspiring not only a wave of imitators, but also a re-examination into how adult toys can impact our sex lives. Yes, this product is certainly that important, but Standard Innovation Corp also makes several other toys as well.

So what makes Standard Innovation Corp's product so incredible? For starters, it lets a woman stimulate both of her pleasure zones at the same time. The unique design of the WeVibe lets one portion to slip inside and stimulate the internal G-spot while the other end gently stimulates the clitoris. It provides stimulation to the two most important spots on a woman's anatomy and helps her experience pleasure and orgasms that she's likely never felt before. And the small design of the toy allows intercourse while it's being used – the penis will slide against the internal vibrating end and stimulate the man as well as the woman.

There are plenty of vibrators that work both the G-spot and the clitoris, but they don't quite do both with the same level of success and none of them are small enough to allow intercourse at the same time. Standard Innovation Corp has taken care of that with this revolutionary product, and it's already found its way onto numerous television programs, medical shows, and won numerous awards including the Sex Toy of the Year Award for two years in a row. In other words, everyone agrees that it's one of the best products available today.

The other offerings from Standard Innovation Corp are great as well and include standard vibrators that are waterproof, contoured for comfort, and feature adjustable speeds. But the flagship of the company is certainly the WeVibe. Once you try it out for yourself you'll likely never look at sex toys the same way again. With comfort, dual stimulation, nine different speed settings, and the ability to be used during intercourse, there is truly nothing else like it today. IF you're ready for a sexual revolution, pick up one of these amazing toys for yourself and prepare to have your mind blown.


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