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Our great range includes vibrators for women, men and couples. Choose from the best range in Australia - we have many different kinds including rabbit, g-spot, clitoral, butterfly strapons from all premium quality brands. We have a vibrator to suit anyone!
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  • Silicone Classic Veined Vibrating Penis
  • Touche Opis
  • Touche Brigit
  • Key - Nyx Mini Massager
  • Rocks Off Ammunition Of Love RO 80
  • Lelo Smart Wand
  • Bgood Classic
  • Touche Epona
  • Touche Frigga
  • Tickler

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Typically vibrators are small devices that are designed solely for sexual gratification. A vibrator produces a buzzing or fast shaking/rotating sensation through the device, which when placed against the skin invokes a pleasurable feeling. Most often they are battery powered because of the convenience this method produces, however, it is possible to find some that run off mains electricity.

Invented in the late 1800’s as medical device, and while that ultimately proved to be ineffective for the medical condition it was invented for, many of the women who participated in those early studies described a euphoric and pleasurable feeling when the device was in use - and so the first personal vibrator for pleasure was conceived.

Over the proceeding 200 years, it has now evolved to become a very popular item for women to have in her top bedroom drawer, discreetly hidden in most homes around Australia.

For Women

This is a very specific range of vibrators which are generally designed to stimulate the clitoris, g-spot or both. They come in many combinations of shapes, sizes, functions, colours and of course price points - you can find something to suit even the fussiest of women, with very cheap vibes costing less than $5, and the top end costing over $400. With over 2 million sold in Australia every year, vibrators designed for women are by far the most popular of all sex toys.

For Men

Most often described as p-spot stimulators, this kind of vibrator is inserted in the anal cavity and stimulates the prostate gland - for men this is most easily accessed through the anal passage, and pressing forward. Often these kinds of toys are curved to make this pressure point easier to access.

For Couples

This is a particular kind of vibrator, and is best given in an example, the we-vibe - this toy is worn during sex, and is designed to stimulate both the man and woman during sex. When this arrived on the market it was revolutionary and broke ground on a whole new stream of vibrating pleasure toys.

Popular Brands of Vibrators

There are literally thousands of brands and manufacturers that make vibrating adult toys. We hold stock over nearly 2000 different kinds, from the Worlds most popular, and innovative brands, including:

  • LELO
  • Swan
  • We-Vibe
  • iVibe
  • Seven Creations
  • California Exotics
  • PipeDream
  • Doc Johnson

Being able to buy vibrators online has given consumers a more convenient and discreet way to purchase - you don't even need to leave your home to do it. The main advantages for consumers in shopping online for adult toys are that they have a much larger choice, more privacy, and all of that in a very convenient way to shop for what they want. Take a look through our massive range, find the right toy for you!