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Tenga Masturbators & Strokers - A Realistic Sexual Experience

Tenga is a Japanese brand of masturbator. Established and first released in 1996 the Tenga brand of male stokers quickly became known as a very good device and were a popular male sex toy made in Japan almost from the very beginning. Since 1996 Tenga has taken the World by storm, catapulting it to the highest levels of male masturbators, and pre-dates even the most popular range from FleshLight (made in the US). The biggest advantages that the Tenga range of toys has over every other device is that they are cheaper, but still of excellent quality and design. No matter the type of Tenga stroker that you buy you are sure to find them robust and durable.

The Tenga is designed to mimmick the vagina or mouth and each Tenga has a particular look and feel about it. Whether you like the classic Cup, Deep throat or the soft tube you are sure to find one that you enjoy the most. We stock the complete range of Tenga sex toys, and we are one of Australia's sellers of the Tenga. We have many customers who swear by the Tenga being the ultimate masturbator - and we don't disagree with them! There is nothing quite like the first time you use a Tenga, you'll never forget it, and it has to be tried to believe just how good they are!

As of May 2011, the newest range has been released by Tenga, based upon the top of the range, and very popoular, Tenga Flip Hole, the Flip Air and Flip Air Lite have been released. They are updated versions of the Tenga Flip Hole, with a focus on size, shape and internal feel and form. One thing is certain, is that Tenga toys are excellent quality, designed and made in Japan - probably the best looking masturbator on the market.

Please choose from Australia's biggest range of Tenga Sex Toys above.

Many men like to fulfil their sexual desires by using masturbation toys. There are sex toys that offer simulation of a sexual experience, but few toys offer an experience that really replicates a sexual experience with another person. Tenga is a company that designs and produces sex toys for men that are made to provide the ultimate sexual experience during masturbation. They have a full line of sex toys that range in style shape and design. Some of their products include the Deep Throat, Clip, the Egg and the Cup. Each of these products offers a unique experience different from any other sexual experience.

For men looking for a realistic sexual experience, they may want to try the Deep Throat. This male masturbator offers an incredible design that provides the ultimate sensations that stimulate oral pleasure. Tenga’s Deep Throat masturbator has a specially designed cup that covers the penis. When the penis is inserted into this device, suction is stimulated and a vibration occurs. There is a slight tightness that occurs and then there is a slurping sound that this product makes when it is used, which enhances the experience making it seem like a real deep throat experience. This is one of the top selling products for this company.

Tenga is a top producer of men’s masturbation sex toys. A popular and innovative product that Tenga produces is called the Egg. This sexual enhancer is shaped like an egg, and fits over the penis like the cup. The egg stretches to fit any size penis. There are many different designs that the Egg is made in. The wavy egg has a ribbed material that moves up and down the head of the penis. The Silky Egg offers a smooth sensation as it moves up and down the penis for those who prefer a softer touch.

There are many other products that Tenga makes providing pleasure for men that are looking for different types of sexual pleasures and sensations. The Flip Hole is a popular masturbator that is considered to be the ultimate sex toy. This product has many different settings that can give a tightness in the vacuum pressure and more. Using the Flip Hole has been one of the most incredible sexual experiences that many men have had. There are warming lotions that can be used with most of the devices to enhance the sexual pleasure that a man receives when he masturbates.


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