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Tenga | Masturbators
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tengTHF004, tengTHF003, tengTHF002, tengTHF001


Comes in 4 mind blowing colours - each have different internal textures, to please. You will have mind blowing orgasms with the help of the Tenga Flip Hole. This male masturbation toy is a revolutionary step forward in this type of sex toy. It offers the latest technology and innovative design to bring you to orgasms like you have never had before. When you flip this toy open, you will see the innovations that make it special. The lip flap is what creates the vacuum. The vacuum pump will give you the pressure that you crave. The end orb, side ribs, wing gate, click orb, and quattro wave will give you a wide range of sensations from start to finish. Uses vacuum pumping and innovative features to bring you to orgasm. The body flips open so you can add lubricants and clean it after use. You have everything you need in the box so you can use this toy immediately. This toy is a new innovation from the Tenga Company. They are famous for their disposable male masturbation toys, but this one is reusable, and designed to last. This innovation brings together the best of the company along with updated technology. This toy flips open to assist with cleaning and sanitation. When you want to use the Tenga Flip Hole, you remove the lid and flip open the body. Using one of the lubricants, you add a bit of slippery to the inside and close the body. At that point, it is ready to use. After insertion, you hit the button and sit back for the ride. The vacuum pump creates a gentle pressure enhanced by the interior features like the wing gate, side ribs, end orb, and quattro wave. These features will bring you to a mind blowing orgasm.
Designed to mimic the feel of a real vagina, the Tenga Flip Hole has several unique features not found in other masturbators. The interior of the sleeve is easily removed and cleaned, the sleeve has a comfortable feeling when inside, the masturbation sleeve is designed to feel like it is gripping the penis. Designed and manufactured in Japan it has fast become one of Japan's most popular male sex toys. Get your hands on the Tenga Flip Hole and you won't ever be disappointed with manual masturbation ever again!

Manufacturer SKU
tengTHF004, tengTHF003, tengTHF002, tengTHF001




17.1 cm
7.6 cm


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Premium stroker and a great look

review by Jack (posted on 1/03/2016)

I normally don't jump at the newest, coolest looking product out there, but this one really delivers. After using it I can see what the fuss was about and I won't go back to those more recognized stroker brands for anything. This is very easy to travel wit as everything flips closed and is ready to pack away. The inside features an amazingly satisfying and tight hole to screw. A good suction feel with this will send you over the moon. It's amazing. They certainly put considerable thought into making the Tenga Flip hoe. I picked the silver because it just looked more like my style. I have to give this stroker all high marks for the ultimate masturbating experience.

The Tenga Flip Hole feels amazing, almost better than a vagina

review by Kieran (posted on 1/03/2016)

Got two things at the same time from the site. Tenga Flip Hole in white and the Tenga Hole warmer. This is the perfect stroker, it doesn't even pretend to look or act like a vagina, it's just meant for total satisfaction. I put the hole warmer inside for a couple of minutes then it's the perfect temperature for my cock. It vacuums, moves little orbiting nubs around and stimulates in waves. This is perfect. It's also small and a great price for all the sensations it can deliver. This is the best toy ever, though I might have a problem cause I turned down a date the other night that I'm sure could have ended up with the two of us twisting the sheets, and chose instead to stay home and watch the game with my Tenga Flip hole. Probably had a better time too.

Tenga Flip Hole feels like you're being sucked off

review by Malcolm Q (posted on 1/03/2016)

If you're looking for a premium stroker then I would totally recommend the Tenga Flip Hole. It has everything you want, multiple settings, a nubbed interior, and best of all, the feature that really sets it apart: the vacuum pump. I've used strokers before including the Fleshlight, and none of them have ever given me the feeling that I was being sucked off. This sure did. It also came with three different lubricants and I've tried them all. I also got the Tenga Hole Warmer, which was under $5 and sits in the Flip Hole before use to warm it up. It feels amazing. I would suggest buying the two together, because the Flip Hole feels great on its own, but warmed up to body temp you can close your eyes and feel like you're getting the best blow job of your life.

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