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Tenga | Masturbators
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TengTNH002, TengTNH005, TengTNH004, TengTNH001, TengTNH003


The Tenga 3D Collection has five different models, we run through them all below:
Module - There are many ways a man can satisfy himself and one of those ways is with a masturbation device. There are many devices available and all of them have their unique inside ribbing. This is very true for the Tenga 3D Module. The inside ribbing pattern of the Module is a very modern pattern. The ribbing is of randomly elevated blocks located inside the device. The random pattern allows for different textures and pressures to be felt along the shaft as a man moves in and out of the Tenga Module. By varying the pressures and textures, a man will be given multiple sensations and feelings each and every time he used the Tenga Module. The 3D Module is built to last.
Pile - When it comes to reusable masturbation devices, the Tenga 3D range is among the best. Even with the Pile being reusable, the experience and the sensations will be different every time you use it. Inside the toy, the design is of triangular protrusions. The triangles give off a rippling sensation and as the toy is twisted and turned, the sensations will build and grow. The inside triangles look like nothing else ever seen on the market. The 3D Pile is made of strong and durable material and is easy to use and is easy to clean. If properly cared for, the Pile will last for a long time to come allowing any man long term use. The Tenga Pile is easy to travel with and it packs up nicely and fun can be taken on the road.
Polygon - When it comes to different designs, the Tenga 3D Polygon does not disappoint. Inside the chamber is a design of random triangles at different angles. This inside was designed this way to give the shaft different bumps and ridges to hit on its way in and again on its way out. The different degrees of angles allow different pressures and tensions to be felt over and over again and the device is moving along. The material the Tenga Polygon is made from is very strong and is very durable. Men of all shapes and sizes can enjoy this device and it is open ended. No man is too big or too small for this device. As the Polygon is used over and over again, with each use a man will experience different sensations and different feelings. Will not disappoint.
Spiral - The Tenga 3D Spiral is one toy that pushes the envelope with its raised silicone design. The inside design of the Tenga Spiral is a random and curvy spiral shaping that givens off different sensations and different feelings while a man is moving up and down the device. The 3D Spiral is made of stretchy yet solid material - firm and offers just the right amount of resistance. The inside ridges were carefully placed to thrill a man with each thrust in and out. The details inside the device are not light. They are easily seen and can be felt with each use of the Spiral. There are many masturbation devices that are a bit like this on the market but the Spiral is something completely different - the Japanese know what they are doing in designing men's masturbators. Any man will want to use this time and time again.
Zen - When it comes to masturbation and masturbation devices, a man knows what he wants and wants to feel a certain way. The Tenga 3D Zen is for men who want a smoother and more delicate feeling. The inside pattern of the Zen is a slight wavy pattern and the ridges are fine and delicate. The feeling is still strong but the feeling is more sensuous. A man is able to fantasize about what is going on and go to a happy place. Made from a quality and strong silicone material, making it very strong and long-lasting. The Zen is open ended so no man is too big or too small to use this device. With proper care and maintenance, the Tenga Zen will last for a long time to come and give a man many thrills.
All of the Tenga 3D range of strokers are different, with different internal sensations to enjoy. Buy yours here, and why not enjoy the entire series, collect them all.

Manufacturer SKU
TengTNH002, TengTNH005, TengTNH004, TengTNH001, TengTNH003


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This is such a good way to get off when you're without a partner.

review by Jeff (posted on 1/03/2016)

I don't have a girlfriend right now so this helps a bit, cause even a guy can get tired of just using his hand all the time. The wavy pattern inside feels really good from the moment I'm inside and it's pretty soft feeling too. It's also really tight and feels amazing. I've used mine a lot so far, and it's still in really good shape which is surprising seeing as how rough I am with it sometimes. It can take a lot of abuse, even from this sex starved lonely guy :( It's a good quality and a great price, so if you're tired of your hand, try a stroker like this one instead.

Amazing stroker unlike any I've used before.

review by Jeff (posted on 1/03/2016)

This stroker is a great way to jerk off, much better than using your hands and any time I have the option to use this instead well I always chose this. I like to use it in the shower with a bunch of lube and really get going with it. It's super durable and has held together through what I must say have been some pretty intense and hard thrusting sessions. There are a bunch of triangle shapes inside that ripple against my cock, especially when you twist and turn it around on yourself. I even took it with me on my last business trip and it kept the hours alone in the hotel room from being too boring. Great stroker, great price. You can't go wrong with this one.

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