Tantus Flurry

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O4695, O4718


Your G-spot will thank you for playing with the Flurry, Tantus's latest edition to their O2 series. It's been anatomically designed to give you the kind of pressure that really makes G-spot stimulation worthwhile, hitting its target with amazing precision. It's a great toy for harness play and just as fun for one when you've got the pink Candy coloured Tantus at your disposal.

You'll delight in the dual density material, a formulation of silicone that creates a firm inner core that’s surrounded by an amazingly soft silky feel. It's supple enough that it fits to the contours of the body with ease, creating a perfect fit with every thrust, but firm enough that each of those thrusts is incredibly pleasurable.

The lovely silicone material also warms up as you play by absorbing heat from your body until it matches for a supremely natural feel. You can also play with temperature by warming or cooling the dildo up in hot or cold water before use; it will quickly change temperature inside you as it seeks to match the temperature of its surroundings.

It's also naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial and easy to care for so long as you it with water-based lubricants only.

Comparing an ordinary dildo to the Twilight coloured Flurry is like comparing day and night; you get so much more with the Flurry and that includes some serious G-spot stimulation. Tantus designed this edition to their O2 series with care, ensuring that every curve, every ridge, was there with purpose, and that results in some intense G-spot fun that you can enjoy for solo play or in your harness! Hold the Flurry in your hand or slip it in the O-ring of your harness and get ready for some intense G-spot stimulation as the ridged head places itself in position and the firm inner core provides plenty of stimulating pressure.

Tantus has their own special silicone mix that they hand make and hand pour. Their system has a high quality control and creates a special blend of densities that Tantus terms Dual Density. This simple combination creates a toy that's firm enough to thrust with and yet soft and supple on the surface. It also allows it to flex and shape to the body to create a customised fit every time. Plus the Dual Density material maintains all the characteristics of silicone that make it such a useful sex toy material. It's antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and even temperature receptive.

Manufacturer SKU
O4695, O4718


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