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Swiss Navy - Personal Lubricant Products - Lubes You'll Need

Swiss Navy is one of the most advanced lubricant companies on the market today. They have worked hard with experts in every aspect of their field to ensure the products they create are of the highest caliber and that customer satisfaction is the best in the industry. Their products have been developed to be not only the best in composition but every aspect from the container and packaging it comes in has been an innovative work. The products sold are constantly checked for quality to ensure that a bad product never reaches the consumers hands. When it comes to personal lubrication look no further than Swiss Navy.

Their silicon line has received high marks from numerous reviewers and consumers and in comparison with other products constantly comes out on top. Swiss Navy's silicon based lubes will work for long periods of time without absorbing, drying up or becoming sticky. If you are in the market for a fantastic silicon based lubricant then Swiss Navy is definitely worth checking out. Another top quality product they carry is their superb line of water based lubricants. Their water based lubricants have been extensively tested, and are great with silicon based toys where they will not cause issue. This excellent water based lube washes off with ease and doesn't leave a residual odor like many do.

The products from Swiss Navy don't stop there. They have a wonderfully flavored line of water based lubricants. Great tasting, long lasting flavors that will leave you coming back for more. Their flavors include strawberry, wild cherry and passion fruit. Swiss Navy also has made travel sizes available for many of their products, making it very convenient for adults on the go to get the lubrication they want and need.

Another wonderful new product carried is Swiss Navy's cream lubricant. This product shouldn't be used with condoms but it is very ideal for couples. Use it for a sensual massage working it deep into the skin to for excellent lubed surface. All of these interesting and beneficial lubricant products are capable of contributing to better play in the bedroom whether you are looking for lubricant that only serves the purpose of lubricating or a lubrication product that is designed to add stimulation through tingling or adding warmth to the area of application for example. These products can go a long way in turning your experience upside down and improving your experience.

When it comes to ordering sex toys, many people get so caught up in the excitement of the toys themselves that they overlook or completely forget about other needs that they may have. Lubrication, for example, is a vital part of most sexual escapades whether they involve you and a partner or just you and your new toy. One of the best lube companies out there is Swiss Navy, and buying their lube is one purchase you won't regret. And if you're already ordering a new toy or two, adding a couple of bottles of lube to your order is a smart addition to make.

When it comes to lube, there are two basic types – silicone and water based. In most cases where toys are involved, water based is preferred since it won't react with the material of the toy. Some toys are completely compatible with silicone based lubricant as well, and since silicone is longer lasting it will go much further than other lubes can. Swiss Navy offers both types of lubricant in bottles of varying size, ensuring that you get the right kind of lube in the right amount at a price you can afford. Add a bottle of both to ensure you never run out of lubricant in any situation.

Flavoured lube has become very popular, especially among those who find that in the heat of the moment a little oral pleasure is always a welcome addition. Other lubes may taste chemically, which is why Swiss Navy has developed a line of flavoured lubricant that will taste great and is completely safe to ingest, ensuring that even if you add oral play to the evening after hours of other activity you still don't have to deal with a nasty taste that can ruin the entire moment for you and your partner.

No matter what type of lubricant you need – long lasting silicone, totally safe water-based or intimate flavoured lube – you'll be able to find the perfect bottle from Swiss Navy. They don't bother focusing on toys and other products since they've spent their time perfecting personal lubricant, a fact that has helped them become a leading manufacturer of personal lube around the world. When you're buying your new toys, don't make the mistake that so many others have in the past. Add a couple of bottles of personal lubricant to your order to ensure that once your toys arrive you'll be able to start enjoying them.


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