Swiss Navy All Natural Lubricant

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Swiss Navy
Swiss Navy
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Swiss Navy All Natural Lubricant provides even more protection for those with sensitive skin. This scientifically formulated sexual lubricant contains some of the highest-quality natural ingredients to give you the amazing sensations you expect. This revolutionary water-based lubricant is free of parabens, petroleum by-products and glycerine and uses an exclusive blend of natural products to reduce irritation and improve the experience for all. Now issues with vaginal dryness can be a thing of the past for everyone. It's long-lasting, feels gentle on your skin and stays this lube slick for unmatched pleasure. Because Swiss Navy All Natural Lubricant is water-based it can be safely used with any type of sex toy regardless of the material it's made of and it's also condom safe. Its water soluble formula makes washing it off quick and easy. Take advantage of the convenient sizing options, and take this all natural lube with you wherever you go. Have a hot date or weekend trip? Keep a bottle of this around for when you really need it. When your sensitive areas need a little more care try Swiss Navy All Natural Lubricant to add that extra moisture you were looking for. Comes in a variety of sizes.
Making every contact with your toys or a lover's skin feel smooth, slick, and friction free, the All Natural Water Based Lubricant from Swiss Navy is the perfect addition to your solo play, foreplay, and intercourse. Safe for condom use and with only natural ingredients, including carrageenan, it gives every touch a silky feel and is even safe for those with sensitive skin. Choose from a 2 ounce or 4 ounce bottle, and make every encounter feel wonderfully wet and natural.
For those with sensitive skin using products that contain chemical-based ingredients in their formula can cause a lot of irritation and make every touch feel like torture instead of pleasure. The All Natural Lubricant from MD Science Labs Swiss Navy collection makes is easier and incomparably safer to use with a mix of special naturally based ingredients that have been selected for their skin nurturing properties. It's been dermatologically formulated and tested to provide a hypoallergenic concoction that's completely safe for even the most sensitive skin types.
This water-based formula contains deionized water, that has had almost all of its mineral ions removed to ensure an irritant-free base, and lacks any parabens, petroleum-by-products, or glycerine. Adding to the formula is carrageenan, helping to add an extra silky smooth feel, it's known for its high emollient properties which help it go on easily and add a soothingly slick glide to every interaction. It's extracted from Irish Moss and adds a calming, moisturising effect where it's used, nourishing skin.
The All Natural Water Based Lubricant is effective for relieving vaginal dryness and can be an essential tool for peri-menopausal women. The water-based formula is completely safe to use with latex, and won't compromise the condom matrix, so it's safe to use with your protection. It's also completely safe for all toy materials, including silicone, and will wash away from toys and skin with just a rinse of water. Of course the moisturising formula can also just be rubbed into skin, negating the need to wash it off.
Use this slippery lubricant for all types of sexual endeavours from an intimate touch to an extra slick massage that won't leave skin feeling oily or greasy. The perfect choice for sensitive skin, or those that want to enjoy a slippery, wet sensation without any of the chemical ingredients that most other lubrications are filled with.
Available in two ounce or four ounce bottles, you'll find that a little of the Swiss Navy All Natural Water Based Lubricant goes a long way to making every touch feel comfortably slick.

Swiss Navy
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