Swiss Navy 2 In 1

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Swiss Navy
Swiss Navy


There are 4 different types of lubricant in the 2-1- range from Swiss Navy.
His & Hers: Men and women both enjoy stimulation of many sorts. When you are thinking about lubricants, having a mixture that rocks both is ideal. The Swiss Navy 2 In 1 His And Hers offers just this. The package offers two formulas in one pump. One side offers a powerful stimulant formula designed to bring the male out in droves. The other side offers a stimulating arousal. Both are made with herbal ingredients. The Swiss Navy 2 In 1 His And Hers formulas come in a single convenient package. You will not have to keep track of two different containers. You will have everything you need at hand. It is easy to dispense and easy to apply. As both are water based, they will wash off with warm water and mild soap. Your pleasure has never been so easy to get as with this formulation. You and your partner will get 25 ml of each formula in this package.
Just for Her:Stimulating the clitoris is the fastest and most direct way to bring a woman to climax, but sometimes a little extra help is called for. Swiss Navy 2 in 1 Just for Her is an arousal gel with two different sensual gels to increase sensation around and on the clitoris. Whether you are alone and treating yourself to some quality 'me' time, or playing with a partner; adding Swiss Navy 2 in 1 Just for Her will enhance your encounter and have you experiencing new highs as climax after climax rock through your body. With two contrasting gels, you can customize your path to orgasm and make it different every time. The light pink gel is mild in sensation; a perfect way to start out. As you get into it increase the sensation with the darker pink gel and be prepared to wriggle and squirm under the intense sensations you will feel. The dispenser is designed with a woman's sensibilities in mind; it looks like a regular body care product so it doesn't have to be hidden away in the darkest recess of the cupboard. The double pump dispenser is easy to use and each gel type is separately accessible. There are 25 mL of each gel in the bottle so there's plenty available to stimulate your clitoris for multiple encounters.
Silicone / Water Based: When you want to have the best of both worlds for your play, you need the Swiss Navy 2 In 1 Silicone/Water Based combo. This handy bottle is separated with two pumps so you can choose between the slippery and slick silicone lube, or the light and wet water-based lubricant. With 25mL of each lube you'll have lots to last for all your play. The water-based lubricant is ideal for silicone toys so you can maintain their structural integrity, while the silicone based lubricant is perfect for all your other toys. Both are great additions to your lovemaking, and work well with condoms. You'll never be left with a greasy or sticky feeling with either of these lubes, and you'll find the pump on each side lets you get just the right amount effortlessly with not spillage or wasted lube.
Flavoured: Experience the sensational flavours of Strawberry Kiwi and Pina Colada in combination or alone for a delicious treat during your lovemaking. Both flavours are contained in this innovative dual-actuator dispenser. Each side contains 25 mL of tropical tasting lube, giving you plenty to play with, and since you only need a drop at a time, it's going to last for a lot of encounters. Use this flavoured and scented lube when you play with your toys, or during sex, and it will add an amazingly intense and new sensation. The lube dispenses easily and with no spillage, and feels silky smooth on your skin, moisturizing as it goes. Try one flavour alone, or mix the two. All the flavours from the Swiss Navy Flavour line are paraben-free, sugar-free and are non-sticky. Guaranteed to taste just like their name, these sweet lubes are almost taste too good to be a lubricant.

Swiss Navy



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His and hers water-based lube

review by Yasmine & John (posted on 1/03/2016)

My man and I look for different things in a lube different textures and different sensations are important to us. With the Swiss Navy 2 In 1 His And Hers we get everything we want in one product. Good quality water based lubricants, with a nice feel, and good texture. Recommended.

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