Suzy J Brown - On the road to the best orgasm ever

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Suzy J Brown
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Suzy J. Brown is a daring new Australian writer who is bold, brash and confident about speaking her mind. A sometimes cheeky, sometimes serious and seriously adventurous single mum. Brown flirts with the idea of being an inspiration to women, especially feisty single mums yearning to branch out from the stigma and create a new successful life.

Suzy J. Brown is a pseudonym, based on ‘Suzy’ being the name and spelling she used as a teenager when she was at her most confident, J. being her middle initial and Brown being a family name somewhere along the tree. Put it all together, and it fits as a novelist’s name.

What is ‘On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever about’?

On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever follows married and abandoned 38 year Melbourne mother Sarah as she unshackles the leashes of the known to venture on a quest of self discovery and unfound happiness. Through the art of teaching herself how to masturbate and yearning for the ultimate emotional, physical and spiritual pleasures, Sarah turns her sexual confidence into courage, allowing herself to move outside the predetermined conformist middle-class life she led to discover ‘her truth’. After almost three years no sexual contact with a man, she has a breathtaking twenty-minute tryst with a handyman, that gives Sarah the confidence to cheekily dabble in the world of internet dating to find a compatible lover. When 52 year old married gynaecologist Steve, from enchanting New Mexico, starts writing lyrical words on a chat-line to her, Sarah’s curiosity gets the better of her and somehow, after a five and a half hour cyber-date, Steve gives Sarah her best... orgasm... ever...

Why did Suzy J. Brown decide to write ’On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever’?

Suzy always had a drive that made her want to become and author so she began researching the requirements about six years prior to writing ‘On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever.’ She attended writing conferences and workshops in the United States (one in New Mexico) and did two years Post-Graduate studies in Writing, eager to try find her niche. She thought about children’s books, mystery novels, even an anthology of small stories from her real estate writing. However all of the experts and study said that an author needed to write about what they know.

She had just left her husband of almost 11 years, the only relationship she had had as an adult having met him at 18. Realizing her naivety in how she understood the way of the world she learnt to rediscover life, and rediscover herself, in more ways than one. Feeling that there would be many other women in her shoes she decided to write ‘On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever’ to inspire women to get out of their norm to discover more about themselves and their potential.

Suzy J Brown
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