Speed Shift

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Perfect Fit
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SS-01P, SS-01B


Made by a brand like Perfect Fit you'd expect the Speed Shift cock ring to have an easily customisable fit and it delivers on that promise with 13 different sizes. The effect of sporting this sleek cock ring is more than just aesthetic, though it certainly looks like some sexy jewellery around his member, but it's as functional as it is fashionable, adding support and stamina to his erection.
Perfect Fit is an innovative brand that specialises in sex toys for men, helping them increase their performance in between the sheets and this unique ring is the perfect tool to do it. Made of a stretchy thermoplastic elastomer it fits comfortably around his erection while the slim design won't get in the way. In fact wearing this cock ring will feel natural as the thermoplastic elastomer quickly warms up to match the surrounding body to become almost indistinguishable.
But while the feel may go unnoticed the effects won't be, because wearing a cock ring like the Speed Shift can massively increase both the feel and the look of his erection. While wearing the ring it increases the size and the firm feel while adding support that will help men keep that erection for longer, giving them the type of stamina that they can brag about. It's a great tool to enhance any sexual encounter and the perfect way to keep the results of pumping up the erection in a penis pump before sex.
The constricted a cock ring is the greater the effect, but too tight can feel uncomfortable, and that's why the Speed Shift is such a perfect ring for any experience level. It lets you start out with a fit that is as loose as you want and gives you the unique ability to change it at any point.
The Speed Shift either fits in one of two ways, around the base of the penis, or looped around to include the scrotum as well. Including the testicles enhances the effect of the Speed Shift and places the testicles and erection away from the body, enhancing the effect further.
This versatile cock ring is the perfect choice for any experience level and a great way to add some confidence to a lagging erection. Loop it around your cock in either black or purple and add a fashionable and effective touch to your lovemaking.

Perfect Fit
Manufacturer SKU
SS-01P, SS-01B




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