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It's never particularly pleasant to experience that time of the month, even without the frequent discomfort that can accompany menstruation it too often interferes with daily life and special occasions; that vacation, weekend away, time at the spa or the pool, or even your wedding day, not to mention the wedding night. After all, sex during your period can be an unattractive prospect for both partners.
Original Soft Tampons were developed based on age-old methods that women have utilised for centuries, making use of natural sponges as absorbent material during their periods. Improving upon those ancient methods with current scientific knowledge, research, and clinical and dermatological testing, Soft Tampons offer a superior hygienic option for wear during your period. Utilising modern materials, a sterilised production process, and hygienic packaging creates a tampon that you can feel safe using.
They're made from a soft, sponge material and completely free of any chemicals so they won't cause irritation when they're inside one of your most intimate and sensitive areas. Each of the Soft Tampons weights only two grams, and has an astounding capacity to absorb liquid, much greater than those of the average tampon. They work by closing off the entrance to the cervix, making intercourse both possible and hygienic, in fact, with the Original Soft Tampon inserted he may never know you have your period. It's also a useful option for a visit to the sauna or pool and those that are active in sports find these Soft Tampons much more comfortable than traditional products. It's the tampon of choice for everyone from brides on their wedding day to porn stars during a shoot and easy to insert and remove.
Each tampon is individually wrapped and easy to carry in your purse or pocket should you need a backup. Just remove the Soft Tampon from its package and with your middle finger placed in the centre insert into the vagina and push it up until it makes firm contact with the cervix. It can be left in place for up to eight hours and then removed with two fingers. Dispose of each tampon in the bin, they're environmentally friendly and will degrade over time.
Discover how the Original Soft Tampons make it feel like you barely have your period. Choose from a box of 10 Original Soft Tampons or make sure you have enough for multiple periods with the larger sized box of 50.

Manufacturer SKU
12201, 12208





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Not a normal tampon, feels comfortable and can still have sex

review by Becca (posted on 1/03/2016)

I really wanted to make sure that I didn't have my period for a special occasion coming up that I wanted to celebrate with my boyfriend, but I knew from the calendar that wasn't going to happen. A girlfriend told me about Soft Tampons and I knew right away that if they were as good as she said that they were the solution. These were really easy to insert and remove, and absorbed everything with no leaks. I was nervous for the big day, but my boyfriend didn't even notice that I had my period thanks to the soft tampon. I'm a total convert and have told all my girlfriends about them. If you want to be able to have sex while you have your period then the Soft Tampon is the way to go.

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