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Sin Five
Sin Five
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The sleek and playful German design of the Emigi from Sin Five makes working out your pelvic floor an easy and pleasurable task. It's made of a soft and skin friendly elastomer material that can be used along with any type of silicone or water-based lubrication. This toy is specially designed to help train the pelvic muscles that support the vagina and are responsible for that tight and snug feeling during intercourse which may be lost over time due to the effects of aging and childbirth. Strengthening the pelvic muscles will also help women who suffer from problems with urinary incontinence and the repeated use of this toy can also help to prevent a painful prolapsed uterus. This small sized trainer is easy to insert and can be worn during any type of activity such as walking or jogging, where every movement from your body will set off the inner ball shaped weights causing the Emigi to silently vibrate. It's a pleasurable sensation as this trainer works its magic while in position as your pelvic muscles automatically contract around it. It has a pull cord attached so removal is easy and your use of the Emigi can be worry free.
The wonderfully small and easy to use German design of the Emigi from Sin Five gives you an effortless workout of the pelvic muscles that support your vagina. These muscles are the ones responsible for that tightened feel during intercourse and working out with the Emigi can help regain the strength and elasticity that may have been lost due to aging and childbirth. It can also help with embarrassing problems of urinary incontinence as well as prevent a prolapsed uterus. To use simply insert the smooth elastomer toy into the vagina where the anatomically designed shape will sit securely with the pelvic muscles automatically clenching around it. The soft elastomer material can be used along with any water or silicone-based lubrication and will remove easily when you're ready with its securely attached elastic tail. Use this small sized kegel exerciser during your activities like shopping or working out, and every movement of your body will cause the ball shaped weights inside to oscillate and send subtle vibrations across its surface for you to enjoy. Never before has a workout been this easy and effortless as well as pleasurable as it is when you use the Emigi to train your pelvic floor.

Sin Five
Manufacturer SKU
28, 82




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