Silk Purple Haze

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Tantus Incorporated


Tantus Incorporated
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The Silk line of toys from Tantus is designed to make insertion easy and comfortable and its simple shape can have beneficial uses that make it an effective vaginal dilator. In a dreamy Purple Haze this feminine and simply designed dildo is the perfect choice for a first toy, easing you into a new experience. The Silk dildo is available in three sizes from small to large, making it easy to start with a smaller and easier to manage size until you're ready to take in the full shaft of the Silk.
It's made from Tantus' special 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone that gives the smooth shaft a flexibly comfortable feel that adapts to the contours of the body, making it easier to accommodate inside you. It also makes the Silk feel as soft as its name implies and with the complete lack of added texture it slides easily inside, especially when you coat it liberally with some quality water-based lubrication. The Ultra-Premium Silicone is also hypoallergenic to prevent the Silk from irritating skin and of course antibacterial, which makes it a lot safer to enjoy for anal stimulation.
For insertion in the rectum the round base will keep the shaft from going too deeply and makes it harness compatible. This versatile dildos smooth and straight shape also lends itself well to use as a vaginal dilator, helping retrain the pelvic muscles to relieve the pain of penetration difficulties and the symptoms of vaginismus tightness as well as burning sensations.
The perfect dildo for the novice; the Silk is easy to insert, adapts to your body, and warms up while inside you. It's made from a high-grade material that's body friendly and its smooth, texture-free surface makes it easy to take it and enjoy. There are three sizes of Silk dildos and starting with the small one is a great way to begin a new experience whether it's your first time with a dildo in your hand or with it tucked into your harness.
The round base makes this small sized dildo perfect for beginner strap-on play, giving you a full 10.75cm (Small) of dildo do sport in the O-ring of your harness, and in your hand it stops the dildo from inserting too deeply, a vital aspect for anal play. The shaft has a gentle curve but its profile remains sleek without any added texture up to a rounded tip without any tapering. It's easy to insert with a diameter of only two cm across and a good measure of water-based lubricant will help it ease past tight openings. The smooth shape and small size make the Silk dildos useful as vaginal dilators as well, helping to train the PC muscles into relaxing and clenching at appropriate moments.
The Silk range's name was given based on the feel of the unique 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone material which gives it a soft feel. It also makes the Silk dildos flexible and comfortable inside you as well as hypoallergenic and even antibacterial.

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