Silicone Stud Lasso

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California Exotic Novelties | Cock Rings | Cock Rings & Enhancers
California Exotic Novelties
Manufacturer SKU
SE-1408-03-2, SE-1408-11-2


Taking the guesswork out of which size to choose, the Silicone Stud Lasso makes it easy to adjust and find the perfect size. This simple noose style is slipped around the base of the penis or extended to include the scrotum, and it will turn him into a stud that can last all night long. Adding stamina and support, the silky soft loop won't get in the way while giving both partners exactly the results that you want. Available in both red and black, this discreet erection enhancer is a stylishly discreet and effective way to pump up his cock.
The Silicone Stud Lasso is part of California Exotic Novelties wide ranging line of sex toys- and they're the biggest product manufacturer in the world. They have toys for women and for men, including this silky feeling that benefits both. His effect is directly from the Lasso as it creates a tight grip on his penis, slowing down the blood flowing from the erect penile tissue. It not only plumps of the appearance and feel of his erection for a satisfyingly firm feel, but also helps him hold off on climaxing, so he has more time to make use of that bigger hard on. The effects his partner feels are indirect, but they'll certainly enjoy that extra time with his fully erect penis. It's a great way to help with embarrassing problems with premature ejaculation and unlike many erection enhancing creams and gels it won't desensitise the penis, so he'll still have full feeling.
This Lasso is made with a silky soft silicone material that stretches easily and won't pinch or irritate skin. Used with a water-based lubricant it slides around the penis easily and then adjusts with a slider until it is firmly in place. It will allow him to begin his use with a cock ring with a looser fit and increase the level of constriction as he feels comfortable. The tighter the grip the more pronounced the effect of the Lasso will be, and adding the testicles inside its loop produces an even greater, more pronounced effect. It's the perfect tool for the beginner who isn't used to a and desires something easy that can grow along with his experience level, and a soft and flexible ring for those that want to easily change the effect of the ring by sliding it tighter.

California Exotic Novelties
Manufacturer SKU
SE-1408-03-2, SE-1408-11-2


Pure silicone


13cm (overall)


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