Silicone 3 Ring Kit

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Perfect Fit
Perfect Fit
Manufacturer SKU
CR-21, CR-22, CR-23, CR-24


A mix of sizes comes in this Silicone 3 Ring Kit Mix from Perfect Fit, making it ideal to experiment with a range of results and perfect for the beginner who wants to work their way from a large to a small ring. Made of stretchy silicone, the durable and soft material is the perfect choice for placing against the sensitive genital area as silicone is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, making it completely body-safe while it's smooth surface heats up during play, making it feel almost indistinguishable from skin. The high level of elasticity allows the silicone rings to stretch easily to can place them comfortably down the length of your erection and sit at the base, and if comfortable the rings can stretch out even further to encompass the base of the testicles in their circumference as well. When worn the cock ring stops the flow of blood from leaving the erection, creating a harder and firmer feel with increased stamina that delays climax. It can be a great boost to the confidence for guys with premature ejaculation problems and will definitely be enjoyed by both partners. Beginners should always start with the extra large sized ring and when comfortable work their way down to the large and then medium sized rings.
The cock ring is stretched out and slipped down around to the base of the penis where its gently constricting feel will impede the flow of blood out of the erection. The result is a firmer and harder erection that will last longer before climaxing. It's not only enjoyable by both partners but is also an incredible confidence booster for many men. The extra large size of this ring provides a gentle pinch around the base of the penis and its effects can be augmented by stretching the silicone ring out further and placing it to encompass the base of the testicles as well as the penis. When confident with the feel and effects of the extra large sized ring you can move to a smaller sized ring for greater results. A perfect choice against the sensitive genital area, silicone is hypoallergenic and antibacterial making it easy to keep sanitary. These Silicone Rings are a great choice to use along with condoms as the material is safe for use against latex and wearing one over top of your condom will help to keep it in place without slipping.
A simple, classic cock ring made of stretchy silicone that's easy on your skin; this set of three large rings is the perfect size for the guy who wants to make love with a bigger and better erection. Available in small, medium and extra large sizes as well, this large size ring provides a comfortable fit and amazing results to its wearers erection. The silicone material stretches out easily so the ring can be slipped around the base of the penis, and if comfortable doing so, stretched out further to includes the testicles as well for greater benefits. By restricting the flow of blood out of the erection wearing the ring around the base of the cock will allow the wearer to enjoy an extra firm, hard erection that will last for an extended period of time. Three different sizes of rings provide options for fit, with the smallest ring bang the most constricting and providing the greatest effect. Beginner should always start out with the extra large sized ring and when comfortable work their way down to this large size. This silicone material is the perfect choice for these cock rings as it provides and an immense amount of stretch and elasticity along with a durable and sturdy construction ideal for some vigorous and hard play. It is also perfect for that sensitive skin at your genitals with a hypoallergenic makeup and antibacterial surface.

Perfect Fit
Manufacturer SKU
CR-21, CR-22, CR-23, CR-24




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