Sexy Rendezvous Game

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Turn your romantic night into something extra special by playing the Sexy Rendez Vous Game; it's a fun way to make things exciting in the bedroom and it's simple and easy to play with minimal rules to follow. It's a full board game, but the stakes are much higher than the regular games you've got collecting dust in your house as this one takes couples through some sensually erotic foreplay that will get your motor running and ready for the final act.
Intended for two players you'll take turns rolling the dice and moving the appropriate number of spots along the board. When you land on a spot it will either have a picture of an act for you to perform and you'll be required to perform it! Included instructions indicate what each picture means so you'll know whether to kiss, caress, massage, suck, or strip! You'll each be racing for the Sexy Rendez Vous cards; there are ten of these creative cards and when you land on one you'll choose one from the deck and perform the action on the card. But beware - these cards contain some creative and erotic scenarios and it will be up to you to fulfil them to your full potential. The winner of the game is the first one to make it to the end, but neither of you will likely be in a hurry to get there as the Sexy Rendez Vous Game entices you to delve deeper into some erotic and frisky foreplay. As a reward the winner can pick from the Sexy Rendez Vous cards and get their favourite, but in the end both players are clear winners and the when you continue pleasuring each other after the game ends it's anything but anticlimactic!
Keeping you both on your toes with erotic directions and sensual acts, this creative game enables you to explore your fantasies. It's also great for those looking for something new to add to their relationship but are unsure where to begin.
Surprise your lover with a fun way to spend your evening together and follow the directions from the cards to a truly memorable evening. You never know how the night will go, you could be impersonating a stripper, making a toast to celebrate your love, blindfolding your lover, or kissing them in a new way.
Full rules for game play as well as descriptions of what each picture on the game board entails are included in the cardboard game box, translated into English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, and Danish.

Kheper Games
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