S&M Satin Blindfold

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Sex And Mischief
Manufacturer SKU
SS100-04, SS100-03, SS100-02


Find out what kind of pleasures pure darkness may hold when you put on the Sex and Mischief Satin Blindfold. This blindfold is double padded and fully adjustable for the most comfort you can get. It won't chaff or irritate you in the least, but it will give you an experience unlike anything else once your visual sense has been covered. People have been using blindfolds for years thanks to the fact that they'll add a layer of excitement, mystery, and intrigue that simply wouldn't be there otherwise - once one sense has been removed there is a whole new World of fun to be had. You'll never know what your partner is going to do, and that makes everything that they do to you all the more intense. Your sense of touch will be tremendously increased thanks to the blindfold, and you may never think about darkness the same way again.
If you've never used a blindfold in the bedroom, the SM Satin Blindfold may very well be the sexual treat you and your lover have been missing out on. By slipping the blindfold on, you'll throw yourself or your partner into total darkness. Once that occurs, the fun really begins. The anticipation of not knowing what is taking place adds a whole new layer of excitement to sex, and every touch - whether it's a caress or a spanking - takes on a much deeper level of effectiveness. You'll feel everything twice as much as you would have without the blindfold, and when it's added to the excitement and mystery that can be a truly powerful thing. Mix in a set of restraints or cuffs and it gets even more exciting! Used on its own or with some other bondage elements, this blindfold is comfortable, affordable, and truly incredible to use. Comes in a range of colours, and made from a satin material, making it soft to the touch.

Sex And Mischief
Manufacturer SKU
SS100-04, SS100-03, SS100-02




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