Sex! Board Game

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Kheper Games
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This game is a game for two. Make your way around the Sex! Board Game, engaging in some erotic play on the way. The prize for the winner of this game is each other and six fabulous positions for inspiration to carry on the playtime after the game is done. You won't be racing around the board but rather taking your time as you both enjoy each new task set out by a roll of the dice. Sex is the Best-Selling adult card game by Kheper Games. Fantasy rules and playing is easy as you take turns rolling the numbered dice and then moving your game piece accordingly. Once you hit the new tile, you see a command that you are duty bound to follow. Special tiles require certain actions that will bump up the game to new heights as well as you passion like when you land on the Specialty Dice. It grants you a turn with the two erotic game dice that determines a body part, and the other tells you what to do with it. You can roll all sorts of iThere are heaps of combinations for you to enjoy like chest and stroke or penis and suck. A special Kiss spot will demand that you place a special kiss anywhere you choose on your lover. The other tiles will tell you to play with your food and drink as you feed your lover or eat a tasty treat off their body. A Strip tile commands you to take off an article of clothing in a sexy way. The Candle tile encourages you to do something special to enhance the mood. Land on the Sex! Square and you'll draw a sex trivia card to ask your lover. There are cards for her to ask and for him and plenty so that you won't be repeating questions. If they get the answer right, you will win a sexual positions card for the both of you to enjoy as a prize when the game is done. Play on the board finishes when the two of you have collected six cards, and you are both declared the winner! Put the board away but keep on playing as you both claim your prize and act out the cards you've won.

Kheper Games
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