Sean Michael Love Ring

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California Exotic Novelties
California Exotic Novelties
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After starring in more than 9000 scenes actor Sean Michaels knows what it takes to stay hard, especially for some long marathon sex. He's a long time superstar of the adult industry and famous for his anal scenes where he needs to stay hard for as long as possible, and the bigger he looks the better. He had to do it on his own, but you can have some help with this easy to use and fit, Love Ring. Slipped around you it will make you look as big and hard as the big man, Sean Michaels himself!
Made out of a lightweight latex material the Love Ring is extremely stretchy, making it easy to slip around both the penis and testicles for maximum effect. The contrasting feeling will effectively cut off the flow of blood that leaves the penis, helping you stay hard and firm and be able to keep that effect for an increased length of time. The added stamina and firm feel won't disappoint you or your lover and it's a great way to keep the erection full after using a penis pump. The Love Ring may be placed around the base of the penis only for a slightly lesser effect that may be more comfortable for some men, and the easily adjustable latex ring can accommodate the change easily. Once in place, just pull on the beads at either end to shorten the circumference to the desired tightness around the base of the penis. These can be used to full effect either way the Love Ring is worn, allowing users to begin slowly with a loose fit and work their way up to a tighter, more constricting size.
The look of the shiny red latex and black beads is a sexy way to enhance your erection, adding a form of body jewellery that you don't have to be into fetish play to appreciate, though it definitely helps! The latex material is completely body safe and phthalate free and can be used along with latex condoms. In fact, when used overtop of a condom it helps keep the condom in place, securely on your erection until you remove the ring.
Last as long as a porn star with an erection that stands tall and proud, firm and hard with the Sean Michael Love Ring. Designed to fit any size with its ultra stretchy latex material and adjustable sizing, this red and black ring will make you ready for some marathon sex that's worthy of film.

California Exotic Novelties
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