Ribbed Ring

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Perfect Fit
Manufacturer SKU
CR-30B, CR-30C


When you want a ring around your cock and balls that will last through multiple encounters what you need is the sturdy and burly Ribbed Ring from Perfect Fit. This superior quality ring is ribbed all around it surface, so that with every stroke you make with it on you'll be enjoying a sensual massage that your lover gets too. It's made with this special PF Blend that's a mixture of silicone and TPR and feels incredibly smooth. It is also a flexible and forgiving material that always provides a comfortable fit. You can stretch it out again and again and it will always come back to its original shape, so it always feels nice and firm wrapped around your cock and balls. The PF Blend material is extremely soft and plush up against your skin and responds to your body's heat by warming up to match it, lending an extremely natural feel to this erection enhancing ring. You're cock will never look so large, nor feel as firm, never mind last as long, as when the Ribbed Ring is stretched around it, and sex feels way more intense with this ring prolonging your climax.
The three medium sized rings included in the kit from Perfect Fit are actually the smallest rings in their line. And if you're not familiar with a cock rings, don't take that to mean that it's for a small sized cock, because wearing the smallest size ring will actually produce the biggest sized erection. With this ring firmly around your cock and balls you'll also be able to last an extra long time, prolonging your orgasm so that when it finally does happen it will be extra intense and incredible. All these rings are made of durable and supple silicone material that is also non-porous, making it safer to share between partners. Wear one of these rings over your cock and balls while your partner wears one too and you can both experience amazing quality erections. The silicone material can be used with water-based lubes and is safe for use with latex condoms. The rings are easy to wash in between uses and can also be sterilised in boiling water or by placing in the top rack of a dishwasher. You'll both love the amazing effect that the smallest size, medium rings have on your hard-on, letting you last longer with a bigger and better cock.

Perfect Fit
Manufacturer SKU
CR-30B, CR-30C




3.25 cm


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