Pump Worx Toy Cleaner

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Pump Worx
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Pump Worx Toy Cleaner makes it easy to protect your pleasure investment by making sure that your toys are clean and free of bacteria. Keeping toys clean will ensure that they last for lots of repeated use as well as keeping you safe from infection. With a user-friendly pump dispenser it doesn't take much effort to get into every nook and cranny of your toys, taking the work out of the tedious task of washing up after the fun.
After you've played with your toy the last thing you feel like is following some complicated cleaning routine, so the Pump Worx Toy Cleaner takes the work out of it for you. it can be used to clean any type of sex toy material and is especially useful for cleaning materials with a porous nature like PVC, thermoplastics, and the realistic feeling Cyber Skin, Fanta Flesh, and SilaSkin. Also a great cleaner for ABS plastic, glass, and silicone, this spray on Toy Cleaner is gentle on toys and tough on germs.
To use the Toy Cleaner make sure to remove any batteries from your toys and replace battery caps and cover charging ports. Spray the cleaner directly on to your toy, avoiding battery areas for toys that are susceptible to water. It's important to give the cleaner time to work and fully destroy any remaining bacteria, so it should be left in place for at least two minutes. After that time the majority of germs should be gone and you can wipe your toy down with a lint-free cloth. Next you'll need to rinse the toy off and that means submerging it in water or placing it under some running water. If your toy isn't waterproof you'll have to wet a cloth and wipe the toy down. From there you can leave your toy to dry or wipe it down with a dry cloth. It's a trouble free process that is an essential step for destroying bacteria and removing bodily fluids from your toys.
Bacteria can build up easily on toys with porous surfaces because it gives them a convenient place to grow and if not washed away that bacteria could cause an infection. Toys sporting deep textures can feel wonderful, but they're difficult to get properly clean, and items like strokers are downright difficult, especially right after playing and orgasming. It's difficult to force yourself to get up and clean your toy, especially if it involves some overly complicated routine.

Pump Worx
Manufacturer SKU


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