Pump Worx Beginners Power Pump

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Pump Worx
Manufacturer SKU
PD3260-12, PD3260-14, PD3260-15, PD3260-20, PD3260-23


Power Worx have made a fabulous penis pump, in the Beginners Power Pump, and when they designed the toy they understood that your first time can be intimidating. If you're just starting in the World of penis pumps, this product is a great way to ease yourself into this world and become comfortable with the idea. The design of this pump is sleek and simple, but it gets the job done efficiently. Simply insert your erect penis into the smooth and flexible PVC opening, and then begin pumping the air out of the vacuum tube. The medical-type bulb is easy to use, and a one-touch release makes sure that you can get out of the pump easily in order to get the party going. The Beginners Power Pump can get you harder faster, and includes a cock ring that can keep you bigger and harder for longer, in order to intensify and extend your moment of pleasure.
If you sometimes here complaints about size, then something is wrong - it's the first sign. You need to quiet your lover's complaints with the help of a penis pump. This pump is bargain priced, and will be the first step in helping you take on this all to common problem - it will take your up to your maximum potential size and girth. The medical style pump allows you to pump air from the cylinder of the penis pump, meaning it creates a vacuum, and this then draws blood into the penis, engorging it with blood, making it swell, and expand, and this is the effect you are looking to obtain with any penis pump. Some pumps are more effective at this than others - this pump is moderate in it's suction, and while not top end, it has a bargain price attached to it. Made from a strong PVC, the design of the pump can support all sizes and shapes. Feel as though you are literally carrying around the world's most powerful tool once you've maximized the size and thickness of your love rod. Next time your lover makes noise it will be nothing but Ooohs and Aaahs over your satisfyingly large and pumped up tool. No fuss - For an easy cleanup just use our toy cleaning product and some warm water and you're done!

Pump Worx
Manufacturer SKU
PD3260-12, PD3260-14, PD3260-15, PD3260-20, PD3260-23




19.7 cm
5.8 cm


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Don't let the price fool you, it really works.

review by MT (posted on 1/03/2016)

I have tried a few pumps, but all of them were just a bit cheesy. This is the first one that I have used that actually delivers. After using it I was ready to go and kept at it for a long time.


What a great boon to our sex life!

review by Maddi C (posted on 1/03/2016)

We just unwrapped this at home and tried it out and I had to give it a review. We have had some issues with him getting it up. Our issues are no longer. He was harder than ever and lasted forever too.

Great pump.

review by Bren (posted on 1/03/2016)

If you want to get it up and keep it up really hard, then don't be shy about using a pump. This one really did the trick. Takes no time at all. It's easy to use. Everyone needs some help now and then, but this thing goes above and beyond.

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