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There's a lot of fun that you can have with a condom on your penis, but for some men finding the right condom is made difficult by the massive range of choice - it's important to find a condom that fits properly. It's an enviable problem to be sure, but a problem nonetheless. However large sized guys can rejoice, there's a large sized condom made just for this problem, Playboy's Large Size For You Condoms.
The black box contains 12 foil wrapped condoms and sports the iconic bunny logo. Each condom is made with a high-grade latex material that stretches many times its original size and provides an effective barrier against most sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. You can trust that each condom comes to you in perfect condition too as each condom is tested with a special electric current to remove any faulty latex with holes or tears.
The special fit of these Large Size For You Condoms provides extra girth around the shaft with a special 56mm nominal width. There's also increased room for the head of the penis as compared to regular sized condoms like Playboys Regular Use to ensure that you feel completely comfortable. The condoms are all pre-lubricated, making every aspect of their wear from application to play entirely comfortable. They also lack spermicide and topical anaesthetics that can irritate skin and cause a loss of sensation.
Gone are condoms that are too snug or even break under the strain of your massive manhood; the Playboy Large Size For You are made for even the biggest guys.
These Regular Use Condoms from Playboy are not your average condom. They're made of a superior latex material and go on easily to provide you with some of the best protection available while you play with toys or a lover. The term Regular Use is a bit of a misnomer though, because you can use these condoms for a variety of playtime activities that would make even Hugh Hefner blush.
The black box with its iconic bunny contains 12 condoms that are each packaged in a foil wrapper. Before being packaged in that foil wrapper each and every condom gets tested at the factory with an electric current, ensuring that each condom is in perfect condition with no holes or tears. They're each made from premium latex that has an incredible stretch factor, making these condoms a great fit for just about any size.
Take the condom out of the wrapper and place it on the penis; you'll find that each condom is liberally lubricated with an extra slippery silicone lubricant to help them go on easily and make your sex more enjoyable and comfortable. The premium silicone lubrication is free from any spermicides or topical anaesthetics to prevent irritation, but you can easily add your own if you desire.
Slip one of these Regular Use Playboy Condoms over porous toys made from PVC or TPR, especially if they're going to be shared, and sport one on your erection for safer vaginal or anal sex.
Enjoy the feel of going bareback while staying fully protected with the Playboy Ultra Thin Pleasure Condoms. This pack of 12 latex condoms are super thin, allowing for maximum sensitivity and the ultimate in comfort, letting you feel every inch of your lover around you.
While super thin, the latex material that makes up each condom maintains an incredible strength the help minimise the chance of tears or holes, and stretches with ease to provide a snug fit that won't wrinkle, slip, or get in the way of your pleasure.
Each foil package comes with a single condom, each one fully lubricated to help you slip it on with ease. Every single condom gets tested before it is packaged and leaves the factory, with the latex being subjected to electrical current to ensure there are no rips and no holes, which means you can wear the Ultra Thin Pleasure Condoms without any worries.
Though each condom is lubricated, which makes them easier to get on and a lot more fun to enjoy together, they lack any potentially irritating spermicide or the topical anaesthetic that some condoms employ.
Add some of your own lubrication, water-based brands are best, and cover yourself or your toy, with the safest and thinnest form of protection you'll find.
It’s the condom of choice in the grotto, so when you've got your own bunny that you want to play with put on an Ultra Thin Pleasure Condom from Playboy and don't miss out on a thing.

Manufacturer SKU
PC18SingleRed, PC18SinglePink, PC18SingleBlue, 348827, 348843, 348819, PC18SingleSilver, 348835


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