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Fortified with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E the gentle formula moisturises and protects against irritation. Use a touch or a liberal amount depending on your pleasure pursuit; it's a versatile lubricant that has made it Pink's bestseller. As a silicone based lubrication it is water-resistant and a great choice for play in the shower or bath, and its super slippery formula is well suited to any anal pursuits.
A special blend of three silicone molecules creates a formula that's extra slick and works with your body's natural lubrication to supplement or even replace in extreme cases. Its slippery formula reduces friction and makes everything glide easily during foreplay and intercourse.
A great choice for making play with toys feel comfortably easy, the Pink Lubricant for Women.
This 200mL bottle is more than enough for plenty of encounters and with an easy to use pink pump at the top you'll be able to dispense the desired amount with only one hand for easy application.
Intimate Lubricant is a wonderfully intimate lube from the feminine centred Pink product line. It's designed to make you extra hot and slippery while you enjoy toys or each other, and this special warming lubricant will mix with your natural lubrication to make any experience extra exciting.
Take your mind back to science classes and the term exothermic reaction, that's when a reaction occurs that produces heat, and exactly what happens when you apply some Hot Pink to the skin. When it is applied contact with the skin and friction cause it to become deliciously warm, sending an extra thrill through your most sensitive regions.
Hot Pink is a water-based formula that's safe for use with all toys. Spread it liberally or just use a drop and you'll instantly make every touch a hot caress. It's also thoughtfully flavour free as well as scent free and doesn't contain any potentially irritating glycerine or parabens.
It's a wonderful sensation to feel this lubricant on your most intimate areas and it can work for both her and him.
An easy to dispense plastic bottle will let you easily apply lubrication exactly where you need it and you'll find that the thrillingly warm sensations can be had with only a drop or two. Reapply as needed and the special non-sticky water-based formula can be easily washed off with soap and water or left to absorb into skin where it will leave it softly moisturised.
The most popular lubricant from the Pink Intimate lubricants collection, Pink Silicone lubrication for Women is the perfect way to prepare your body for some extreme pleasure. Designed to mix with your own personal lubrication, this long lasting formula makes every touch feel slick and comfortable.
Formulated with a special blend of three types of silicone it provides an extra slippery feel that's perfect for all sorts of play with toys or a lover. It makes for an experience without friction free from irritation. Foreplay and intercourse will be more pleasurable as everything is super wet and slick, and the special silicone formula won't absorb into skin, leaving little need for reapplication.
It's gentle on skin with special botanical additives like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, both of which have exceedingly superior healing and restorative properties.
Though you shouldn't use this lube with any silicone toys it's safe for use with any other material type. It's the perfect lubrication for playtime in the shower or the bath because it is water resistant and its unscented, flavour free formula is made without any potential irritants like parabens and glycerine.
This special glass bottle contains 118 mL of Pink Silicone Personal Lubricant, and since a little goes such a long way this glass bottle will last a long time. An easy pump applicator makes it easy to apply and the long-lasting formula will provide you with extended lubrication that feels extremely natural and always super slippery.
Making all sorts of play feel pleasurably slick and slippery, the Pink Silicone Lubricant for Women will make every intimate touch pleasurably comfortable. A bestseller from Pink's line of female centred lubrications, this special silicone blend will prevent irritation and rejuvenate skin while keeping everything free from friction. This small sized plastic bottle is perfectly suited for travel and its 50mL of lubrication will last for an extra-long time.
A special blend of three types of silicone ensure maximum safety for skin with hypoallergenic properties and a smooth, thin texture that always feels natural and never sticky. It doesn't absorb into skin so it lasts and lasts and it washes off easily with a little soap and water. It keeps glycerine and parabens out of the formula and instead adds natural botanicals like Aloe Vera to keep skin soothed and provide antibacterial properties, as well as Vitamin E to improve skin healing and rejuvenate cells.
A small amount of this versatile lubricant is all you need to keep your playtime with a lover or with toys suitably comfortable and slick and its natural feel, unique to most lubes will feel just like your own natural lubricant. Use it in the shower or bath and its water-resistant formula will stay put, allowing you to keep the action comfortably smooth, and its super slippery formula is a great aid for anal play. Though suitable for toys this Pink Silicone Lubricant should not be used with silicone toys as it may cause a reaction with the material.
Enhancing every sexual experience with only a drop or two, Pink Silicone Lubricant for Women gives you a natural feeling way to make your playtime a sensually slick and pleasurable time. Not only does it make everything feel suitably wet and slippery, but it also takes care of your skin, providing restorative properties that soothe and caress your most intimate areas.
Silicone lubricant should not be used with any silicone toys, but almost any other toy material will work with this high quality lube.

Manufacturer SKU
PNK-1.7/12, PNK-6.7/12, PNK-G4/18, PNK-HOT-3.3/12


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