Peekaboo Heart Pasties

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Eye Candy
Eye Candy
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PK022H, PK019H, PK013H, PK018H, PK011H, PK003H


Romantic yet naughty, this pair of pasties from Eye-Candy's Peekaboo's collection are nevertheless a sensual way to dress up your ta-tas! Two pairs of heart shaped pasties, one plain and one with a leather animal look, give you ways to cover up or dress up the intimate area of your breast.
Everyone from fetish players to the girl wearing a strapless dress can benefit from these fun and sexy single use pasties. Among the more obvious uses are to wear these pasties for a sexy accessory that can dress up any lingerie for some sexy playtime or even to cover nipples during erotic dances on stage or in burlesque acts. But you'll find that a use that's just as common is one that provides coverage for the times when you just can't wear a bra and don't want to show off any pert nipples under clothing. A staple for girls that wear strapless dresses or low cut tops, these pasties provide the perfect amount of coverage of the entire areolae. They're also great for when you want to avoid tan lines at the beach but still be covered.
To apply just peel off the backing and stick the pasty in place over the nipple. The special medical grade adhesive is hypoallergenic and won't irritate skin while it stays stuck in place without slipping for up to eight hours. When you're done wearing them peel the pasty off and dispose of it in the trash. These Heart pasties won't come off until you want them too!
Dress up your breasts with a pair of Heart Pasties from the Peekaboo's collection! Soft and pliable, this two pack of pasties are a stylish and sexy way to cover up the nipples and areolae. A body-safe, hypoallergenic adhesive adheres them and keeps them in place through all your playtime while you wear them.
A staple of burlesque performers and those in erotic entertainment, pasties are also worn by many women in the bedroom to spice up their lingerie or add some kink to the experience. The more daring women take their cue from legends like Cher who was one of the first performers to wear them on stage and these Jungle Fever Heart Pasties are a sure way to channel your inner diva. Many also wear pasties to the beach instead of a bikini top to maximise their tan or under a sheer blouse, low neckline, or strapless top.
Whatever the occasion you put on these heart shaped pasties they're going to go on easily with a specially formulated hypoallergenic adhesive. It's a medical grade adhesive and will reduce irritation on the nipples while lasting up to eight hours. These soft and pliant pasties are easy to use, just peel off the backing and place centred over the nipple. They'll mould to your shape and the curve of your breasts, covering just the areolae. When you want to remove them simply peel and dispose.
They're a fun way to dress up your body without having to wear clothes and they'll stay in place while you move, dance, and play!
Available in Classic Black Hearts, Jungle Fever Hearts, Luminous Hearts, Pure Passion Hearts, Satin And Lace Hearts and Stolen Kisses Hearts.

Eye Candy
Manufacturer SKU
PK022H, PK019H, PK013H, PK018H, PK011H, PK003H


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