Peekaboo Crystal Pasties

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Eye Candy
Eye Candy
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PK207, PK202, PK211, PK214, PK213, PK203, PK209, PK204


Jazz up your breasts with some sparkle and shine with a pair of crystal pasties Peekaboo's. A single set with a self-adhesive backing that you can wear and then toss, lasting for up to eight hours of continuously sexy wear, it means you can wear them under your clothes and then take them out for some fun evening play.
The crystal style is provided by shiny black rhinestones and they cover the areolae and circle the nipple. You'll find they’re easy to apply by peeling off the backing and then centring them over the nipple. They go on easily, placing the round and crescent shaped rhinestones in the perfect position and with the special adhesive they'll stay in place until you want to peel them off and throw them up, for as long as eight hours. The medical grade adhesive formula is super strong and hypoallergenic to ensure that even sensitive skin won't be irritated by wearing them.
They're a great way to flatter your breasts and bring some attention to the nipples, and the pasty makes a truly sexy accessory that’s perfect for plenty of occasions. Sparkle and shine on stage as the lights catch each deep black rhinestone, making your burlesque act or erotic dance truly something special, or wear them under a sheer blouse or daringly low top for a kinky bit of jewelry.
Of course most will want these pasties to add to their lingerie, it's a great way to make event he plainest of thongs or garters look extra kinky, and always a hit even when the lingerie comes off.
Catch the light as well as the eye of everyone in the room when you show off your glittery breasts with the Crystal Pasties. A sexy accessory for lingerie or club wear, these pink rhinestone pasties are the perfect accessory to almost any kinky outfit. Daringly low cuts, sheer fabrics, and bare skin all beg for the dazzling effect of the Crystal Pasties, and with this set you'll be able to sparkle and shine all night long.
A special medical grade adhesive keeps them in place without slipping and won't irritate sensitive skin with its hypoallergenic formula. Peel off the backing and stick them in place; they'll fit easily and last for up to eight hours or until you want to peel them off and throw them out.
Great costume accessories, the Cristal Heart Pasties are staples of performers like burlesque and erotic dancers, sparkling under the lights, but they're also ideally suited for role-playing, fetish wear, and to add a kinky and sexy twist to every day lingerie. Dress up your lingerie with these round and crescent shaped rhinestones to add some shine to any outfit even if it's just a plain thong, and best of all, they leave nipples still kissable free for your lover to play with and taste.
A fantastically sexy way to dress up your breasts and cover your nipples with a bit of sparkly jewelry, these disposable pasties are easy to use and easy to take off, plus a pleasure to wear for all the time in between.
The Crystal Pasties from Peekaboo's are a stunning way to dress up your breasts. In shades of blue and purple this pair of pasties are a fun add on to lingerie or worn all on their own; there's nothing quite like the Crystal pasties to add some sparkle and shine to your body! They are a great costume accessory for anyone from the burlesque performer to erotic dancers and of course, any lady who wants to dress their body up in a special and sexy way. Wear them in the bedroom or under a sheer blouse for a fun and daring look, especially as each sparkly rhinestone catches and reflects the light.
Each blue and purple rhinestone is in a round or crescent shape and they progress in size from small little rhinestones around the nipple up to slightly larger sized ones to cover the areolae. Peekaboo's has made these pasties extremely easy to use and apply, just peel off the backing and stick them in place. The special backing contains a strong yet hypoallergenic adhesive whose medical grade formula will stay the course and keep pasties in place for up to eight hours. When you want to remove them just peel off and dispose of the single use pasties in the garbage.
You'll find that this pair of pasties are incredibly pliable and mould to the body easily for a fit without wrinkles or creases. This gives them a sleek look that doesn't interfere with the sparkle of the gems and makes them easier to wear under clothing.
Choose from different types and styles, including, 4-Point - Pink/Diamond, Club - Black, Diamond - Red/Black, Heart - Pink, Heart - Purple, Mosaic - Blue/Purple, Star - Red/Black and Sun - Black/Diamond

Eye Candy
Manufacturer SKU
PK207, PK202, PK211, PK214, PK213, PK203, PK209, PK204


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