Ovo F7

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F7 Black - Chrome, F7 White - Light Violet, F7 White - Pink


It's an incredibly versatile shape that the F7 vibrator from OVO boasts, with a curvy shaft and innovative double-sided tip. It's a great massager for both external and internal stimulation with its long and thick shaft that contains a super firm core. The tip, with its dual sides features a scooped out underside that can be placed around and over any chosen spots for incredibly concentrated stimulation. Five modes are available, with five different speeds, letting you easily customize your experience to suit your needs. Patterns of steady vibration alongside pulsing beats are easily controlled with a push of the button on the base. All functions are super quiet and discreet, making this a great vibe for travel. It's powered by AA batteries, easy to pick up anywhere, and without a charger you won't have to deal with varying voltages in your destination country. Use with your choice of lubrication to have the super slick surface gliding easily across your body. It's a nonporous surface that is easy to clean and suitable for sensitive skin, and when the battery cap properly attached it becomes shower proof. It's a fun and easy to use vibrator whose versatility will make it an immediate staple in your toy box.
A winner of multiple awards, the OVO F7 is a deceptively smooth and simple vibrator. It's a lot of fun to take this F7 vibrator over your body to massage your nipples, clitoris, and even his penis and testicles. You can also use this fun little vibe for insertion and use it to stimulate that often a loose of and mysterious G-spot. Designed with a curving shaft and a dual sided tip the F7 is an incredibly remarkable toy that you can even play with under water. The head of the AV seven is a special design with the scooped out backside see you can fully in Val up and stimulate areas like your clitoris. Seven distinct patterns of vibration are easily controlled with a cross-styled button that lets you pressed it either side to change settings and upper down to change speeds. Start off with one of the range of intensities of steady vibration or switch to a pattern of hard pounding pulsation. You'll love how soft and smooth the F7 feels to play with, as well as how incredibly quiet it is - so the only thing anyone will be able to hear behind the closed door are your moans and screams.
Deceptively simple and smooth, there's a reason why the OVO F7 is an award winning design. It features a unique double sided tip paired with an extremely versatile shape that is ideal for both outer and inner stimulation. In fact, you'll have lots of fun playing with all the different settings and surfaces of the OVO F7 over your nipples, clitoris, inserted vaginally, and even all over his testicles and penis. Its extra long and thick shape is easy to manage, while the surface is super velvety and smooth. Plus the special design of the head features a scooped-out back side so you can fully envelop and stimulate sweet spots like your clitoris. Control is user friendly and intuitive with a cross-styled button that lets you easily change settings and speeds. You'll be able to experience three intensities a steady vibration, plus two patterns of pounding pulsation. And even though the OVO F7 pushes out incredibly powerful stimulation it's always quiet so you can discreetly play with this toy behind a closed door. You can take it into the bath too with its waterproof design, and it will be just as powerful and quiet under the water as it is otherwise.

Manufacturer SKU
F7 Black - Chrome, F7 White - Light Violet, F7 White - Pink




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