Ovo B8

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B8 Black - Chome, B8 Lilac - Metallic Lilac, B8 White - Chrome


Make love to your girl with the B8 cock ring made by OVO fit snugly around you and you'll never want to go back to sex without it. It makes sex better for the both of you, giving her an erotic massage for some sensational double stimulation while giving you the stamina to last for the long run. Slipped onto the base of your cock the stretchy silicone material stays in place without slipping and its hypoallergenic material won't irritate skin. Place the ring so the shiny chrome faces her and press the button. There's no more thinking about it from that moment on as the B8 cock ring does all the work for you. Vibrating with a powerful single speed, the vibrations are fully felt through the hard surface up against her clitoris. Its effects are multi-faceted though as this stretchy ring also works for you, giving you a better quality of erection, that will last a super long time. The silicone material is soft and smooth, the perfect complement to the slick and shiny chrome, and feels amazingly sensual against the skin. It's safe to use with latex condoms, in fact, it will ensure condoms stay on snug and won't damage the latex.
Once you've tried making love with the B8 cock ring you'll never want to go back to sex without it. And she'll love it as much as you do, because while it has erection enhancing abilities for you, it also provides her with an incredibly stimulating erotic massage. A stretchy ring is tipped with a hard surface that transfers the maximum amount of vibration from the fully integrated bullet vibrator. A rounded shape fits in between your two bodies with comfort and ease, and a press of the easy to reach on/off button is all you need to start off ultra-powerful stimulation. While she's experiencing the feeling of the smooth end of the ring resonating against her you'll be benefiting from the stretchy silicone end. Fit snugly around your cock it works to keep the blood inside your erection in place without escaping, with a resulting erection that will make her blush! Bigger, harder, and with the stamina to last for ages, or at least as long as she can, wearing this ring is beneficial for the both of you and a lot of fun too. Try it out in the shower, the bath, or the bed, its waterproof technology is safe for play and cleaning.
Thrill your lady with a double dose of stimulation the next time you have sex by wearing this fun and innovative OVO B8 cock ring. She'll love how she gets the deep penetration from you at the same time she's getting intense clitoral stimulation from the ring. The ring fits easily around the base of your penis with the bullet facing out so it will make contact with her clitoris every time you thrust inside her. She'll be screaming out her thanks multiple times while you're still going strong because wearing the B8 actually gives you a longer lasting erection. Not only that, it also makes that erection firmer and harder and can even stave off premature ejaculation. It's super smooth and stretchy thanks to the silicone material it's made of and it feels so soft and lifelike it feels like a hand wrapped around the base of your penis. This ring is small enough not to get in the way and super user friendly to control - just push the single button to start or stop the vibrations. The OVO B8 is also waterproof so you can take your girl and your OVO B8 into the shower and make some of your own waves in the water. All three in chromed colour variants, of lilac, white and black.

Manufacturer SKU
B8 Black - Chome, B8 Lilac - Metallic Lilac, B8 White - Chrome




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Chunky cock ring does a decent job.

review by Alan (posted on 1/03/2016)

You can feel a bit of extra weight on your cock with this one but I like that it's a bit chunky. It feels like a higher quality vibrating ring, at least compared to others we've tried out in the past. My wife first noticed the design. She felt it would do a better job stimulating her and then when we got it, she really felt it! It's been easy to take care of after we're done and it fits snug around my cock. I never need to worry about it slipping. Besides, when it's on and I feel the vibrations this cock ring gets me rock hard and nothings slipping off me then! We're definitely fans of the B8 model it's well worth the price just to hear the squeals of delight.

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