Ovo B4

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B4 Black, B4 Blue, B4 Grey


Usually adding a toy to your sex as a couple means a vibrator for you to use on her, with little pleasure for you other than seeing her get off. But the B4 cock ring from OVO is a toy you can share, and you'll find as much pleasure from its easy to wear shape as she will. And better than a vibrator the B4 is hands free, so you can concentrate on other pursuits with your hands. In fact, all you have to do is slip this stretchy ring around your penis, fit snugly around the base with the long angled bar pointing in the direction of your lover. Press the button and it roars to life with powerful vibrations that you can barely hear. That's all you have to do and the B4 takes care of the rest. It's shape places the textured bar against her clitoris with every thrust you make, imparting strong vibrations and giving her a stimulating double dose from both the vibrations at her clit and your cock inside her. While she enjoys the power, you'll be sporting a larger and firmer feeling erection that lasts for as long as you need it. Often recommended for premature ejaculation problems, cock rings work to hold off your climax so you can fully enjoy her reaction to your larger hard on.
It's a close call to determine who will benefit more from the B4 cock ring when you place it around your penis, you or her, but it's a competition you'll gladly keep repeating to determine the winner. Not that there are any losers where the B4 cock ring is concerned, because you both can enjoy its smooth and silky feel as well as the amazing results. A powerful bullet vibrator is integrated into the design of the long and angled stimulation bar, so that when worn it is placed directly against her clitoris as you thrust inside her and imparts an intense single speed of vibrations. though it will feel amazing to give her so much pleasure, That's not the only benefit, as you'll experience a firmer feel to your erection and a slightly larger size. And perhaps the best benefit, especially for men who suffer from premature ejaculation, is the prolonged time you can last. You'll be able to enjoy every reaction from her as she takes in your larger, harder cock and gets exposed to the long, textured stimulating bar and its reverberations. The silicone material is the closest you'll get to the touch of skin, and the slim design of the ring won't get in the way of your intimate pursuits. Hypoallergenic, when left around your cock for an extended period it won't irritate, even if you have sensitive skin.
This close fitting grey ring won't get in the way with its slim ring and the long angled bar fits perfectly between the two of you and against her clitoris. Integrated into the bar is a powerful bullet vibe that can be removed to replace the batteries, and when the button is pressed it reverberates with an intensely satisfying single speed. The surface of the bar is textured too, so the massage she receives is multi-faceted. Giving her so much to enjoy is amazingly hot, but you'll benefit too with a harder, larger erection and the ability to last a long, long time. In fact, wearing a cock ring is one of the first suggestions from male sex health experts when approached regarding problems with premature ejaculation. Made with silicone material, it's the best substance for a sex toy. it's safe to keep on for long periods of time as it is hypoallergenic and won't irritate even sensitive skin, plus it's easy to clean and sterilize as well as being super durable and sturdy. So much so that OVO has backed the B4 with a 15-year warranty.

Manufacturer SKU
B4 Black, B4 Blue, B4 Grey




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