Nipple Sucker With Rings

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Before you play, pump up your nipples and keep them erect with the Nipple Sucker. This creatively kinky device is designed to satisfy those who crave some thorough nipple stimulation by providing a vacuum to plump up your nipples and a set of rings to keep them that way. It's effective at its task and can be incorporated easily whether couples or solo play.
The design of the Nipple Sucker is similar to that of larger penis pumps and cock rings. A small cylinder is placed around the nipple and a purple ball pump at the end is squeezed to create a vacuum. The suction like effect works to draw blood into the nipple and makes it swell to a pleasurable erection. The suction created is a wonderful sensation in itself but you can remove the pump and keep the effect by placing one of the two sets of rings around the nipple. Two sizes are included in the kit, a large and a small pair, to provide varying degrees of constriction.
To use the rings, choose the set you want to start with, beginners should always start with the larger ring and work their way smaller, and place it on to the clear cylinder of the Nipple Sucker. Place the cylinder centred over the nipple and give the ball pump a squeeze or two, it won't take much. When you've got the nipple as pumped up as you want, then roll the ring down the cylinder and on to the nipple. From there you can remove the pump, leaving the ring in place. Its constricting effect will keep the added blood in the nipple keeping it plumped up and unable to leave. From this point stimulation is hands free and adds to every sensation as you continue to play. If you're lucky enough to be with someone, the touch of their tongue on that extra sensitive nipple will be pure bliss!
The stretchy rings should not be worn for longer than twenty minutes at a time to decrease the chance of desensitisation. You''re going to love the soft feel of the rings when they're on and they stretch easily making it simple to fit them over the Nipple Sucker's cylinder then constrict back down again around your nipple for an intense effect.

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