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A new version of the classic I never drinking game, the Naughty or Nice Game is a fun crowd pleaser that keeps the conversation rolling with premade questions. Play it with or without drinks, and see which of your friends is naughty and which is nice.
Playing the game is simple and you only need two people to play, but the more the better. The game includes a full set of 107 cards and each card has a question that probes the past of the players. Each player takes a turn to pick a card and reads the question. Everyone needs to answer the question with a simple YES or NO. Traditionally those who answer YES are the Naughty players and will need to take a drink, but you can play without the alcohol and keep a tally to determine the naughtiest and nicest ones of all.
There's a rule card and that's all you'll need, no game board, no dice to lose. And with 107 cards you'll be able to ask plenty of revealing questions, plus every time you play with no people the answers will be different, allowing you to reuse the cards multiple times.
You'll also be able to add your own questions, making your queries as naughty or nice as you think the players deserve, however there are a wide selection included with the premade cards. Questions like Have you ever kissed someone who was romantically involved with someone else? or Would you be willing to ask everyone you meet to Spank your sexy booty for the next three years for 50,000 free lotto tickets?
The answers will surprise you and by the end it's likely that everyone will be falling off their seats, either because they were so naughty they had to keep drinking, or because they'll be laughing so hard.

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