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Doc Johnson
Doc Johnson
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1471-16-BX, 1471-17-BX, 1471-18-BX, 1471-19-BX


The Mood Powerball masturbator has a unique design that allows you to hide it in plain sight. Resembling a dog toy, this round textured ball contains a hidden textured tunnel that turns the soft rubbery ball into an indispensible bedside tool. Comfortable to hold in your hand the Powerball is easy to manage, pushing it up and down your shaft as you experience the pleasure that arises from contact with its textured interior. Its non gender specific opening is a good match for any guy; tight and snug around you with an amazing ability to stretch so as to accommodate almost any girth.

The blue UR3, a special blend of thermoplastic elastomers, creates a unique experience during play. It's wonderfully flexible for a comfortable feel as well as soft to the touch. The smooth surface becomes ultra slick with some water based lubrication and while you enjoy the Powerball's every touch it takes heat from your body to warm itself up for a more lifelike, sensual feel, a property that you can take advantage of by running the Powerball under some warm water before use. Wash it out with warm water and toy cleaner or soap after each use and use with water based lubricants only.

Make your masturbation experience feel extra sensational with the help of the Mood Powerball from Doc Johnson. The opening is non gender specific making the Powerball a great match for any guy and it leads to a tight tunnel, textured with fabulous zig zag shaped ridges. Raised texture along the outside helps you maintain a steady grip as you stroke the 7.6 cm long ball up and down your shaft while the squishy material makes it easy to increase pressure by giving it a good squeeze.

Soft and smooth, the Powerball is made from Doc Johnson's special blend of UR3 material. It's designed to mimic the touch of skin and it feels velvety soft. It's also highly flexible as well as temperature receptive so it warms up to a naturally warm feel during use and can be made sensually warm by running it under warm water before use. You'll want to use plenty of lubrication along with the Powerball for an extra slick and slippery experience, but make sure that you're only using water-based varieties. Wash between uses with soap and warm water and let dry.

Thick ribbed texture lines the tight tunnel of the purple Mood Powerball, creating unmatched stimulation as you stroke this squishy ball up and down your shaft. It's the perfect masturbation tool and transforms the experience into a new sensation that's positively pleasure packed! One of four exciting textures available from Doc Johnson's Mood Powerball collection, the Purple Thick Ribs stroker is a fun and convenient way to play. Ideal for solo endeavours, it can also be a lot of fun to add the Powerball to your playtime with a lover, making hand jobs feel e extra intense.

Made from Doc Johnson's special UR3 blend, designed to mimic the touch and density of real skin, the Powerball feels squishy in your palm, allowing you to apply added pressure when needed with a squeeze of your hand. Inside it makes the intense ribbed texture soft against your shaft as it brushes past it. The material is also known for its ability to absorb temperature from its surroundings. It will become warm while you play with it and feels sensational if you run it under some warm water before use.

Use your Powerball with a good water based lubricant and wash between uses with warm water and soap or toy cleaner.

Doc Johnson's Powerball masturbator is textured inside and out, creating enormous pleasure potential along with a comfortable, easy grip. Non gender specific, this squishy ball wildly enhances your stroking experience, turning the palm of your hand into an insane pleasure tool. Feel like you're truly customising your experience as the textured tunnel of beads clings, grips, and tugs on your shaft as you stroke it up and down your length.

The Powerball itself measures only five centimetres long, making it easy to fit into your hand. Squeeze it to adjust the amount of pressure as you stroke and you'll feel the textured interior constrict around like a vaginal or anal contraction. The special UR3 material is Doc Johnson's own blend, and it feels just like skin. It warms up while you play by absorbing heat from its surroundings, like the palm of your hand, and it can be made sensually warm before use by running under some warm water.

Use the Powerball along with lots of water based lubricant for an extra slick experience and wash after use with warm water and soap or toy cleaner.

Doc Johnson
Manufacturer SKU
1471-16-BX, 1471-17-BX, 1471-18-BX, 1471-19-BX




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