Liberator Wedges & Ramps

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13667101, 13666101, 13667103, 11215101, 11217101, 11215103, 13664101, 13664103, 13663101, 13880187


Liberator Wedges and Ramps:
Wedges - Missionary and anal sex become easier and more satisfying with the extra support and lift that you get with a Liberator Wedge underneath you. Its subtle slope and firm, high-density foam core provides excellent support and prevents the two of you from sinking into a soft bed. Angled at 27 degrees the Wedge slopes down and its base gives access for deeper penetration that easily hits your G-spot. With the Wedge underneath you old positions feel brand new and the included booklet will inspire you with some new ideas and ways to use this fantastic bedroom accessory. The red Flame Microfiber cover is soft and can be removed and put in the machine to wash. Underneath lays a moisture resistant liner to keep any bodily fluids or lubrication away from the foam core. Not only will it keep the fun going for longer by taking the strain off of knees during intercourse but it is also handy to relieve stress at the neck during oral pleasures. When you're done playing the Wedge can be easily stored in a closet or under the mattress, or used to help prop you up while reading in bed. This extremely versatile accessory for the bedroom is an exceptional shape on its own but also fabulous when combined with other Liberator Shapes.
Ramps - Once you start using a Liberator Ramp you won't want to have sex any other way as it turns your usual positions in a more satisfying encounters and provides lots of opportune for new ones. Much preferable to pillows from the bed, this red Ramp provides you with a firm inner foam cushion and a soft microfibre cover that stays in place and doesn't sink under weight. The angle of the Ramp is a favorite for doggie style sex as well as girl on top positions and with her lying back on the angled slope it will lift her hips up just to hit the G-spot. It can also allow for more satisfying oral sex as it reduces the strain placed upon the neck. During intercourse the effect of the Ramp is to remove stress from elbows, wrists, knees, and hips see you can hold some difficult and creative positions for long periods of time with barely any effort. Easy to use, the durable foam core is covered in sleek nylon for protection and then covered again with a soft micro fiber. Both of the covers zip off and can be put in the washing machine for easy cleanup. A plastic carrying bag with handles is included so you can store and move your Ramp around easily.

Manufacturer SKU
13667101, 13666101, 13667103, 11215101, 11217101, 11215103, 13664101, 13664103, 13663101, 13880187




Ramp - 87cm, Wedge - 61cm
Ramp - 61cm, Wedge - 35cm



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Let's him hit just the right spot, every time.

review by Jill_P (posted on 1/03/2016)

I personally have been a fan of liberator stuff for some time now. This ramp was a must have after sampling a wide range of other toys. This soft and comfortable ramp was just what we needed to angle my ass and pussy perfectly for some of the deepest penetration I've had with my BF. Heck, I sometimes use it just to prop myself up to watch a movie. I know that sounds bad, but it's right there in the bedroom and I like to make the most of what I buy. I have to be careful because if it is out, guaranteed I'll be seeing a bit of action shortly, which I don't exactly mind. This is far better than piling up a bunch of pillows.

Helped us find new positions after over 15 years of marriage.

review by Daniel (posted on 1/03/2016)

This is the best piece of furniture in our bedroom. It's better than our bed. Sometimes we put it on top of the mattress, but other times we use it on the floor. You can flip the shapes around into different positions and we've been able to find a few new sexual positions ourselves that feel really amazing. I never thought that after over 15 years of marriage we'd be able to have so much fun and still find new positions to use. The whole wedge and ramp combo is really sturdy and stays in place, plus it's really easy to clean off any lube or sprog that gets on it. This was well worth the investment because it's completely rejuvenated our sex life.


Makes for an impressive array of positions

review by Amelia (posted on 1/03/2016)

The wife and I love using this ramp and wedge combo. Now we cycle through so many positions while we're having sex that we're doing it like porn stars. I never even knew that so many positions were possible but they all seem to come really easily to use and are fairly intuitive once you have this ramp and wedge combo under you. Penetration is deeper, sex last longer, and the positions are easier to get into.

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