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Lelo | Probes
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LELO-1050, LELO-1043


As part of Lelo's Homme collection the Bob is designed specifically for men, targeting the hard to reach prostate with ease with a sleek and relaxed design. The thoughtful shape makes the most of your anal stimulation and its ergonomic grip makes it feel natural to do so. Like all of Lelo's toys the Bob prostate massager exemplifies a design style that is sleek and minimalistic, but thoroughly effective. Its high-end design is backed up by the best in materials, providing an experience that feels sensational and is always completely safe. Choose your version of Bob, in either Deep Blue, or Bordeaux Red and you'll be on your way to an amazing prostate massage. It fits in wonderful to your couples play and can be an amazing toy to enjoy all on its own or with other toys for masturbation.
Intended for all experience levels, the Bob can be enjoyed by all, and its seamless design will ensure a comfortable experience. With a gentle curve the Bob's plump tip is placed in perfect proximity of the prostate, and with the ring shaped handle at the base in your grip, or looped over your finger, you'll be able to intuitively twist and tug on its length until it is in the ideal position. That ring also acts as an effective stop, keeping the Bob from getting pushed too deeply inside. The pure silicone material makes the Bob feel silky smooth and wonderfully flexible, helping it to fit into position nestled inside the anal cavity, and yet it remains firm enough that when you want to push on it for added pressure you can deliver a wonderfully intense prostate massage. As with any toy that you use for anal stimulation inside you, you'll need to use plenty of lubrication, but make sure that you only use water-based varieties as silicone brands may damage the Bob's surface.
As an added bonus the medical grade, pure silicones natural heat receptive properties allow it to warm easily inside you to match own body heat, or you can warm it in hot or cold water accordingly before use. Easy to clean as well due to the silicones nonporous, antibacterial nature, the Bob can be washed with toy cleaner or soap and water, and even sterilised in boiling water or in the top rack of your dishwasher; an extremely important property for any toy you want to insert in the anus.

Manufacturer SKU
LELO-1050, LELO-1043


Silicone / 18K Gold Plate




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The LELO Bob is a great product for men with its curved shape and easy to care for material.

review by Theo (posted on 1/03/2016)

If you're looking for a simple sex toy to use in the backdoor then the LELO Bob is what I would recommend. It's a great price and made by LELO so I know that it's quality as I've bought several of their toys before and been quite happy with them. This is made out of ABS plastic and silicone so it's hypoallergenic (don't want to irritate your sensitive skin down there) is non-porous so it cleans really easily for a hygienic experience. It's a great shape and features a bulbous end that feels amazing during insertion and while it's right in there. It curves to fit against the prostate for a great feeling. The finger ring makes it easy to adjust and remove. This is a truly great product for men.

Don't let your man get left behind!

review by Sergio (posted on 1/03/2016)

Prostate massagers and butt plugs have really come into a long way in recent times. Not only does this one make you hard enough to hammer nails, but you keep it up for what seems like hours.

This LELO Bob inserts easily and is a hybrid of plug and dildo

review by Bobby B (posted on 1/03/2016)

I was looking for a butt plug, but when I saw this I realized it was the perfect mix of plug and dildo. It's curved so it can hit my P-spot and when it does the feeling is really strong and powerful. The finger ring is a nice touch that makes removal easy which is always a concern with these types of toys. It feels soft to the touch, but still firm enough to give me what I want. I let my man insert it for me, just make sure to go slow and use lots of lube for a pain free experience. I learned that the hard way with my first plug. This toy is simple and works because of it. If you are looking for something new to play with then you should consider the LELO Bob. It works as described and feels amazing.

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