Key - Stella 1, 2 & 3

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California Exotic Novelties
California Exotic Novelties
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JO-8022-05-9, JO-8022-10-9, JO-8022-00-9, JO-8021-05-3, JO-8021-10-3, JO-8021-00-3, JO-8020-05-3, JO-8020-10-3, JO-8020-00-3


When you want to get your most intimate area into shape with a truly effective workout then there's nothing better than the Stella Ball Sets from the Key by Jopen line - available in version 1, 2 and 3. They give you an easy workout that requires little effort and has the added benefit of gentle stimulation while worn. Available in sets of one, two, or three balls to use at a time, they provide ample opportunity to increase your workout and improve upon your results. The Stella I set includes two balls in different weights of 30 and 40 grams and contains a single ball holder with a sturdy retrieval loop. When placed inside the vaginal canal the ball will cause the pelvic muscles to clench in a kegel exercise that tones the muscles while free moving inner weights inside the balls fall when moved so that merely by walking around the balls will begin to vibrate without batteries. Their movement is discreet and enables you to wear the ball while doing everyday activities. The balls are both wrapped with a premium silicone material that feels natural tucked up inside you and is hypoallergenic to make it safe for sensitive skin. Use a single ball alone or add it to a ball from the Stella II or III kits and give yourself an effective kegel workout.
The Stella from Jopen is made from a quality silicone, and it provides an almost effortless workout with perfectly performed kegel exercises. It's better than going to the gym where they don't provide machines for exercising the pelvis, an important muscle for sexual function, which when worked out regularly can improve the condition of women with urinary incontinence. Inside each ball are free moving weights that fall with each movement of your body to provide a subtle stimulation from vibrations that don't need any batteries. The vibrations are ultra silent so you can go out with a Stella ball nestled inside and no one will ever know. Each ball, as well as the included ball holder and retrieval loop, are made with high grade silicone material for a super safe experience. The non-porous surface won't harbour bacteria and is hypoallergenic. Use the ball with water-based lubrication only. Sets of one, two, or three balls and holders are available, and this single ball set is the perfect way to begin. Providing a choice of two differently weighted balls to work with allows the beginner to advance to a heftier weight, plus you can add the ball and holder to balls from the Stella II and III kits to continue to increase your workout.

California Exotic Novelties
Manufacturer SKU
JO-8022-05-9, JO-8022-10-9, JO-8022-00-9, JO-8021-05-3, JO-8021-10-3, JO-8021-00-3, JO-8020-05-3, JO-8020-10-3, JO-8020-00-3




Stella 1 - 10.25cm, Stella 2 - 15.25cm, Stella 3 - 22.75 (overall)
Stella 1 & 2 - 3.75cm each ball, Stella 3 - 4.5cm (large ball) 3.75cm (medium ball) 3.25cm (small ball)



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Everything is in beautiful colours these days - hard to choose

review by Anje (posted on 1/03/2016)

Had never thought about the pelvic floor before. They take a bit of getting used to, but once you get used to them they really are easy to keep in and under control. I need these.

A great workout with no effort and maximum results.

review by Ashlee (posted on 1/03/2016)

These are the perfect kegel balls. I use them every morning while I get on the treadmill before work. I figure if I'm working out one part of my body then I might as well do the other parts too especially if they don't require any actual effort. The balls slip inside really easily and are attached which makes it simple for removal. They never fall out and actually feel really good when I'm using them. A couple of times I've gotten off the treadmill and just ended up having a fun morning touching myself. Hey I'm still working something out right? I already notice a difference and it's only been a few weeks. My boyfriend noticed a difference too and that makes these balls worth all the work

You'll both benefit from the outcome.

review by Spence (posted on 1/03/2016)

Every girl should have these. If your lover is shy about her muscle strength down below, you need to encourage her to try these to exercise her pelvic floor. You'll both benefit from the outcome. I bought my partner this toy to try.

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