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Kama Sutra Lubricants – Improve Your Time Together with these quality lubricants and massage oils

One of the oldest adult companies around, this company came to be as a product of the 60s. Their company was named after a 4th century Indian guide about sex; Kama Sutra began producing its first product their original "Oil of Love". The companies' longevity is a testament to its fantastic customer service and dedication to their craft. Since then their product line has expanded greatly, now producing items for romance, sensual baths and wonderful massages. The company has had a very straight forward mission since its inception; to help bring loving partners products that assist with sexual intimacy and health.

There are two different types of sensual lubricants that are offered by Kama Sutra, and the first is Love Liquid and the second is Pleasure Potion. Love Liquid is a silky and smooth water based lubricant and Pleasure Potion is a performance enhancing silicone based lubricant. Both of these lubricants can be beneficial in the bedroom depending on what you are attempting to achieve in the bedroom, or what your partner desires to achieve in the bedroom. Make sure that you consider using one or the other or both of these lubricants to achieve different levels of passion and enjoyment in the bedroom.

The water based Love Liquid lubricant is a silky smooth and lightly textured lubricant that can serve many different needs in the bedroom. These are a basic, must have for the bedroom. They are moisturizing formulas that are gentle and enjoyable. These lubricants were designed to perfectly mirror the natural lubrication of a woman. Classic is a gentle and unscented formula that is essential in the bedroom. Peppermint Love Liquid can help to build excitement through the use of a light hint of peppermint. The Cinnamon Love Liquid is similar, helping to build arousal and excitement through the use of a warming cinnamon.

Pleasure Potion is a silicone based performance enhancing lubricant that makes it possible for pleasure to truly lead the way. It is a light weight lubricant that glides on super soft, slick and satisfying. This lubricant does not rub away easily, so you can expect it to outlast you and your partner in the bedroom. It is also great for underwater experiences since the silicone based nature means it does not simply dissolve upon becoming wet. Keep in mind that this lubricant is not ideal for all toys, as it can cause damage to some types of silicone toys for example.

When it comes to product designed to help a couple improve their lovemaking, what is available ranges from novelty items modelled after adult film stars to restraints designed to aid a couple in exploring their more adventurous sites. Fortunately, there are also Kama Sutra Products which can help individuals slow things down and add some much needed sexual pleasure to their intimate moments. Premium sensual lubricants available in a warming peppermint and cinnamon can help keep things up without the individuals having to spend a fortune just to add some spice to their bedroom.

The original Kama Sutra was written to help couples better explore their sensual side and Kama Sutra Products are no different. Body paint, available in caramel and dark chocolate raspberry, makes it possible for a couple to really get to know one another while also enjoying a sweet treat in the process. The only limit when it comes to using products like this are the imaginations of the individuals involved. Whether couple has been together for years or is enjoying their first time together, these products are at home in any bedroom. There is no excuse to tolerate a boring sexual routine any longer.

Kama Sutra Products also make great gifts for new couples as well. For example, the chocolate dreams gift set is ideal for bachelor, bachelorette and wedding gifts. Compatibility in the bedroom is one of the most important factors when it comes to the happiness of any to people. Providing them with gifts like these can go a long way towards ensuring that they have years of fun and pleasure together. The body soufflé cream in either chocolate or strawberry is the perfect choice for anyone who has a sweet tooth that goes beyond their partner.

Despite being some of the highest quality items available on the market, Kama Sutra Products are surprisingly affordable. Anyone that thinks that they need to spend an arm and a leg in order to get some of the best sensual products available simply has never taken the time to really investigate the variety of Kama Sutra Products available. From lubricants to body paint and just about everything in between that a couple could ever want, making those special moments together is easier than ever when a person takes the time to ensure that that special someone gets the pleasure they deserve by using some of these amazing items.


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