Joyballs Secret

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Joy Division
Joy Division
Manufacturer SKU
15005, 15006, 15003, 15002, 15001, 15004


Keeping the pelvic floor strong is essential to maintain that tight feeling in the vagina, and the best way to do that is through Kegel exercises. These can be completed on their own, but like any type of exercise they are much more effective when some resistance is added. That's what the Joy balls Secret do, and they do it in the most discreet way possible. They help work out the pelvic muscles, leading to a substantially tightened feel that even helps with issues with urinary incontinence, in other words, no more peeing your knickers every time you sneeze!
These balls add a special stimulation factor when you wear them too, causing gentle vibrations to reverberate through them as a result of free falling weights inside. They move when you do, causing the Joy balls to subtly vibrate, and do so extra quietly. Without any motor or batteries it's completely safe to wear and enjoy the Joy balls when you're in the shower, bath, or pool.
The secret to the Joy balls Secret is a special design that incorporates a patented retrieval tab. The Joy balls and even the tab stay discreetly tucked inside the body, so they won't cause a bulge if worn under some panties. When you want to pull them out retrieval is as simple as hooking your finger around the tab and pulling, then they'll wash easily with some soap and water, or they're even safe to go in the dishwasher on the top rack.
Every part of the Joy balls Secret is body-safe from the integrated loop to the soft, egg-egg shaped Joy balls. They're each made of special Silkomed material, a special medical-grade silicone. It's not only hypoallergenic but also extremely hygienic, boasting antibacterial properties due to its nonporous surface, which also helps your lubrication go on smoothly and last a long time without need for reapplication. Just ensure that you only use water-based varieties in order to keep the silicone material silky smooth and soft.
Using the Joy balls Secret in a regular routine will not only help to strengthen the pelvic muscles and make your vagina feel tighter, but it will also increase your awareness of the PC muscles that can lead to such amazingly intense orgasms.
This award-winning device comes in a wide variety of colours and they all come with a matching Joy ball bag. Treat yourself to a pair of Joy balls Secret in Black, Red, Pink, Violet, Blue, or Green, and the most pleasurable workout of your life.

Joy Division
Manufacturer SKU
15005, 15006, 15003, 15002, 15001, 15004




11.4 cm (total) 10.2 cm (insertable)
3.2 cm



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What an amazing red - want more!

review by Oscar (posted on 1/03/2016)

It is really different. Love the egg shape and they come in different colours too. She says they're for strengthening her pelvic floor muscles. DO WE BELIEVE THIS GUYS? I think she gets far too much pleasure out of them. They really do seem to hit the right spot which of course turns me on.


Great kegel exercise

review by Sofia M (posted on 1/03/2016)

These Joyballs are my little secret and so far they've worked great. I felt uncomfortable after my baby was born like I just wasn't tight enough down there anymore. Using these balls, in my kegel clenching exercise regime has worked well. I can definitely feel the muscles now.

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