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Da Goang
Da Goang
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DA1, DE1, 9683-BX, 469001052, 469001053


It's a simple task to pump up the size of your penis with the Handsome Up Hong Kong penis enlarger. Not only will you find it easy to use, but you'll have different options available to make your experience custom tailored. The clear cylinder fits over the penis and a couple of squeezes on the softly pliable red bulb creates a partial vacuum around your penis. This causes the blood to be drawn inside and the penis to become engorged. The more you pump on the bulb the greater the vacuum that is created and an easy to reach special release valve ensures that you can release the pressure at any moment. You'll be able to watch yourself grow through the clear cylinder and even measure your results with the ruler marked on the side. To keep the experience comfortable and ensure you keep up your pumping routine three soft latex sleeves of varying colours and designs are included. They'll slip easily into the mouth of the cylinder and keep a snug fit around your penis. The Handsome Up Hong Kong penis pump is a great way to increase the size and length of your penis; found effective for men with problems with curvatures and men who want to experience bigger sizes in both length and girth in both flaccid and erect states. All it takes is a few pumps on the bulb and you'll be able to give yourself the bigger penis you've always dreamed of and never thought possible.
Years of research and testing have led to the development of this advanced pump and its unique, patented design will give you the type of results you could never have imagined. Using air vacuum technology to create a vacuum within the cylinder, the Handsome Up Extra will give you significant, measurable gains for both flaccid and erect states. Designed to make it easy to pump up your penis, this hand pump uses a special hand gun as opposed to a normal pump bulb, allowing for greater control and ease of use. It also comes with four different colour coded constrictor rings that can be used singly or in conjunction with one another for a customised fit that's great for any size. There are also three different cuffs to fit inside the cylinder, allowing for further customisation and the perfect fit. To use simply fit with the preferred cuff and constrictor ring and slip the penis inside the cylinder. Pump with the attached handle until the desired pressure is reached; release extra pressure instantly with the Quick Vacuum Release. Using the Handsome Up Extra will target both the length and the girth as the inner chambers of the penis expand. And while many men enjoy the Handsome Up Extra for its enlargement effects it has an added benefit as well by aiding men who are troubled with erectile dysfunction. It's a low risk method for enhancement without the side effects or complications of many other erectile dysfunction treatments.

Da Goang
Manufacturer SKU
DA1, DE1, 9683-BX, 469001052, 469001053



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The Handsome Up Penis Enlarger works quickly to give measurable results.

review by Bigger n better (posted on 1/03/2016)

When I was researching penis enlargers I came across the Handsome Up Penis Enlarger. It got a bunch of great reviews and I'm about to add another one. I'm really happy with this and the results I've seen so far, and it's only been a few short weeks. This enlarger is easy to use, has a relatively low cost, and shows real measureable results. I've already grown over a half inch limp and swear the girth is bigger. Best of all it's pretty much stopped my premature ejaculation, I'm not sure if that's a regular benefit, but it's only started to decrease since I started using this enlarger. I was ready to look into surgery, which would be really expensive and now I'm pretty sure I'll never have to thanks to this. If you feel too small then you should definitely try this.

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