Goodhead Spray

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Doc Johnson
Doc Johnson
Manufacturer SKU
1360-35-CD, 1360-37-CD, 1360-36-CD


The Goodhead Spray comes in three delightful flavours:
Chocolate - Sample the Goodhead Spray Chocolate oral delights spray from Doc Johnson to add a new chocolaty twist to your oral sex. A quick spray is all you need to turn your next oral sex session into a tasty and sensual experience. The specially balanced formula simulates the great taste of chocolate perfectly and makes anyone's naughty areas that much more irresistible. No matter if you like to give or receive the Goodhead Spray Chocolate is the perfect gift for any true chocolate lover. It's completely body safe and won't cause any irritation plus Goodhead Spray feels light on your skin and precision spray bottle means there's never any mess to worry about. You'll love the convenient 1oz bottle as it is compact enough to take with you wherever you go. You never know when you'll find an opportunity to use it after all. Indulge your sweet tooth and your craving for satisfying oral all at the same time. Enhance your foreplay in a whole new flavourful way with the Goodhead Spray line of oral delight sprays. Other flavours include strawberry and mint so everyone can find something they like. Show them just how much you love the sweet taste of chocolate. After a single encounter with this spray you'll be labeled as a certified chocoholic!
Mint - Now you can enjoy the refreshing taste of mint when you're performing a blowjob, cunnilingus, rimming and more with the Goodhead Spray Mint oral delight spray from Doc Johnson. This remarkable flavoured spray puts a new twist on your foreplay. The innovative formula is designed to taste great and feel absolutely amazing on your skin. It won't cause a mess and you can use the spray top to dispense just the right amount for any occasion. Goodhead Spray Mint is completely body safe and is suitable for those with even the most sensitive skin. Indulge in extended periods or oral play with just a single spray but feel free to reapply as much as you'd like. The Goodhead line of flavoured oral sex sprays will transform your next round of foreplay into an unforgettable delight to the senses. You can indulge on the distinctive taste of mint or select one of the other available tastes from Doc Johnson. Keep more than one flavour of spray around and you can each have your own brand. Make the Goodhead Spray Mint part of your kinky bedroom games and satisfy far more than just your taste buds.
Strawberry - Enjoy the delectable taste of strawberries in a brand new way with the Goodhead Spray Strawberry. This flavoured spray was designed to make your oral sex even tastier. You won't be able to stop yourself after just a single spray from the compact 1oz bottle. A little certainly goes a long way and for those who really love the taste of strawberries this is a unique treat. It's perfectly safe for both him and her and now there's no excuse not to give your lover a bit of extra oral attention. No matter if you generally give or receive this is a very good flavoured spray to have around. It's specially formulated to feel light on your skin and never sticky plus it won't cause any irritation to the skin. Apply as many times as you want to give your oral fun a new exhilarating twist. You'll get that naturally sweet taste of strawberries to keep the foreplay going. Use this spray as part of a kinky game and taste each other in new ways. Goodhead Spray Strawberry washes away with ease and if strawberry isn't your thing you can also get Goodhead Spray in chocolate and mint flavours. There's something for everyone to enjoy!

Doc Johnson
Manufacturer SKU
1360-35-CD, 1360-37-CD, 1360-36-CD


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