Glyde Condoms (100 pack)

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KOPG/M002, KOPG/S002, KOPG/M005, KOPG/U001


There are four different condoms size packs, and models:
Maxi 56mm - Made for the impressively large guy who finds normal condoms a tight fit these Maxi condoms from Glyde not only stretch easily for a comfortable wear that stays on, but they also feature an incredibly thin latex material that you'll barely feel. At only 55 microns thick the skin of the Maxi Natural Glyde condoms are the thinnest that a condom can be without compromising the strength of the latex material. You'll barely feel that these condoms are on and you'll be able to feel every part of each other when you're playing with the Maxi naturals. Of course, these condoms will still protect you from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. Testing with electrical currents to ensure that each condom is free from miniscule holes, rips, or tears in the latex material, is completed before packaging. A reservoir tip is built into the end to collect fluids and you'll find that these condoms contained no coloring or flavoring to reduce the possibility of irritation. Use only water-based lubrication with these condoms to ensure there is no friction for damage to a latex material. Don't risk it, stay safe while feeling like you're wearing nothing at all with the Maxi natural condoms from Glyde, a perfect fit for the bigger man.
Slimfit 49mm - Designed for a tight fit without slippage, this slim fit condom from Glyde is the perfect solution for finding the perfect fitting condom, and with a box of 100 you'll have enough to last a long time. The width of 49 mm fits smooth and snug around most guys without wrinkling or bunching so you can get a fit that stays on close without moving while you're having sex and a reservoir tip contained at the end to collect bodily fluids makes disposal easy.. This will let you take full benefit out of Glyde's ultra thin condoms. With these super thin condoms you'll be able to feel every part of your lovers body against you and they won't even notice the feel of the condom. There latex condoms are only 55 microns thick which it is as thin as you can make a condom without compromising the material. Rest assured though each of these condoms have been fully tested with electrical current to ensure that it is free from rips and small holes before being packaged. Only water-based lubrication should be used in conjunction with these condoms to make sure that no damage to the latex material occurs. A box of 100 Slimfit Natural Condoms will keep you stocked up for a long time and able to stay safe and baby free.
SuperMax 60mm - The Glyde SuperMAX 60 mm Condoms are made for the super sized guy. If you're one of those guys you know that as blessed as you are it can be difficult to find a condom that fits comfortably; most condoms just aren't made to accommodate a man as impressively endowed as yourself! Thankfully the Glyde SuperMAX takes large sized guys into consideration with their super sized SuperMAX condoms. While the average condom has a width of 53 mm the SuperMAX has a phenomenal extra girth that takes it to 60 mm. In addition to giving you some extra girth for added comfort these condoms also boast an extremely thin latex material, at 55 microns if the thinnest that latex can be without compromising the structure. The latex material is extremely stretchy and durable, and each condom is tested before being packaged with electric current to ensure that there are no holes or tears so you can feel confident that every SuperMAX condom you put on is fully protecting you. Use it with water-based lubrication only to reduce friction and when used properly these condoms will help protect against sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and unwanted pregnancies. With a box of 100 SuperMAX condoms you'll have more than enough to keep you going through countless sexual encounters without having to run out to the drug store.
Ultra 53mm - Super thin and fit perfectly for comfort, the durable and sturdy Glyde Ultra Lubricated Condoms are the ideal protection for when you want to feel like you're wearing nothing at all. They fit with an average size of 53mm, plenty of room for most guys, and they fit without bunching or slipping so you can enjoy your experience and the feel of your lover without feeling the condom. A mere 55 microns thick, these ultra thin condoms are the thinnest they can be without compromising the integrity of the latex material and much thinner than most other condoms that boast a barely there feel. Even though they are thin the Ultra condoms are still extremely durable, made from high quality latex that can stretch to a remarkable factor and contains a reservoir tip at the end for the collection of bodily fluids. Each condom is tested with electric current before packaging to ensure it is free from holes and that it will be safe and effective. When used properly the Glyde Ultra Lubricated condoms can help protect from pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease like HIV. All Glyde condoms are suitable for use by vegans with no animal by-products in their materials, lubrications, or packaging. This box of 100 will keep you stocked up on condoms to help keep you protected through many sexual encounters.

Manufacturer SKU
KOPG/M002, KOPG/S002, KOPG/M005, KOPG/U001


Choose from product option - 49mm, 53mm, 56mm, and 60mm


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