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New Sensations
New Sensations
Manufacturer SKU
NSN-0410-16, NSN-0410-17, NSN-0410-15


Getting ready for a date with Mr. Big will take lots of lube and plenty of patience, but the results will be well worth it. He's not big, he's huge, but he feels incredible with a soft jelly-like material and intensive detailing along a super flexible length. The dildos in the Gelee range keep getting larger and thicker, and Mr. Big is the biggest of them all. And while Mr. Big won't be the ideal choice for the first time user, he's a satisfyingly fun toy for those looking for a truly fulfilling, large sized playmate.
Feeling amazingly lifelike, Mr. Big is thick and weighty, and at 10 inches, or 25.5cm, this dildo can reach deep, finding some inner sweet spots you didn't even know existed. From the meaty head down to the squeezable balls at the base, every bit of surface features fantastic detailing that creates a lifelike replica of the real thing…that is if you could ever find the real thing this big!
Mr. Big is made from New Sensations high grade PVC, which is phthalate-free and safe for use all over the body. The beauty of the PVC is the soft and flexible feel that it gives this big dong. It wouldn't be as comfortable and easy to accommodate if it wasn't so plush and supple, fitting to your body and its contours with ease. The PVC also adds a fantastic feature to the Gelee dildos with the ability of the material to absorb body heat, which causes Mr. Big do become warm and feel even more lifelike.
Safe for anal pleasures, the big squeezable balls keep you from getting over enthused and inserted this big guy too deeply while a round base means you can place Mr. Big into a harness and sport a super-sized strap-on for your lover. That round base also doubles as a suction cup, providing enough stability for you to attach Mr. Big to a flat surface like tiles, floors, chairs, walls, or doors and ride his huge length without holding on.
Use this big jelly dildo with lots of water or silicone-based lubrication and wash it before and after each use with an antibacterial cleaner or soap as the PVC is a porous material. This is especially important if you wish to share it as PVC cannot be sterilised.
Select Mr. Big in either red Ruby, blue Sapphire, or a purple Amethyst.

New Sensations
Manufacturer SKU
NSN-0410-16, NSN-0410-17, NSN-0410-15




25.5 cm
3.75 cm



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Big red and lots of fun

review by Lucy (posted on 1/03/2016)

The shape of this big beautiful dong is perfect. It has a slight bend to it that rives me absolutely crazy. The head is shaped just like a nice fat real cock head and it goes in easy for something of this size. The level of detail is amazing. I love the feel of the shaft. The Mr Big is also very flexible. The material gives this the kind of bend I like but it's still stiff enough to go in deep. I prefer toys that have jelly in their construction because the feel is just so much fun. The Big set of balls at the bottom is impressive and if I feel them against me I know Mr Big is all the way in me.

Fat dong covered in great details

review by Penny (posted on 1/03/2016)

There are few big toys out there that I've really enjoyed. This is a great alternative to some of the more traditional big boys and is flexible enough for me to enjoy. The thickness on this one is perfect for me. I would say this is more manageable than other larger toys I've experienced. I've tried this out at a party with another couple and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The suction cup works pretty well but so far this has been best in the shower. I like the level of detail for the price. The veins and folds along the shaft are a very nice touch. If's consider this one of my better purchases from the site. It's a good mid to high range dong.

Huge, purple and extremely satisfying.

review by MrsBig (posted on 1/03/2016)

How could anyone look at this and not immediately want it? The Mr. Big is appropriately named. It's probably the biggest dildo I've owned. Without question this is for those with more experience. The jelly material it's made of is pliable and flexible making this feel so good. It's pretty realistic too. The head and long shaft are detailed. The result is one good time after I've worked this in. I'll often use a smaller toy first to get me ready for this. The large balls at the base are fun to play with and there is a suction cup too. I've tested it on many flat surfaces and it seems to stick well on early anything. This was a good purchase

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