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Fun Factory Sex Toys - One of the World's Best Adult Toy brands

Fun Factory is an innovative sex toy company that produces some of the highest quality, premium sex toys on the market. Their colourful line of products is fun to use, and promise to satisfy your sexual appetite. With their large range of exciting toys for both singles and the adventurous couple, Fun Factory toys will bring you endless amounts of pleasure that you can always rely on.

Known for their unique products designed for maximum pleasure and multiple uses, the toys from Fun Factory are exciting and different. Their line of pulsators is truly groundbreaking, and use thrusting movements instead of vibrations to induce mind-blowing orgasms time and again. Their award winning line of products also includes butt plugs, smartballs, dildos, accessories, and a range of miniature and full sized vibrators. With toys that excite the senses of both men and women, Fun Factory has something for everyone.

Men can enjoy the products from Fun Factory as easily as women can. Their popular line of male vibrators includes the Cobra Libre, a fun way to stimulate the most sensitive part of the male genitalia. There is also a varied selection of cock rings, butt plugs, and anal beads, all meant to excite the man's unique body. For women the line of vibrators is curved and supple, meant to massage the sensitive external areas, and deliver breathtaking G-spot stimulation. The Smartballs UNO and DUO are excellent ways to tone the vaginal muscles after childbirth, and are recommended by doctors and midwives.

All of the electronic toys from Fun Factory run on a powerful motor that remains whisper quiet during use. This means that your favourite toy won't distract from your fun. Smaller toys run on batteries, and are designed to use less power in order to extend battery life. Larger toys use the patented Click 'N' Charge system so keeping your toy fully charged at all times is simple. Most of the toys from Fun Factory are splash proof, and many are completely submersible so you can take your enjoyment into a nice warm bubble bath and turn your relaxing soak into a fun and hot adventure.

When you use a toy from Fun Factory, you will be treating yourself to an erotic and sensual playtime. All of the toys are made with smooth and silky silicone, which glides easily and feels soft to the touch. Fun Factory uses only the highest medical grade silicone available, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a owning and using a product that is body-safe and hypoallergenic. The silicone material makes all the toys from Fun Factory easy to clean, and with proper care, they will last for a lifetime of pleasure.

With such a diverse line of products, Fun Factory has something for almost every taste and intimate desire. Made with bright, eye-catching colours, and some quirky and fun designs, these toys bring a new level of enjoyment to your playtime. Satisfy your longing for some sensual play with the award winning line of toys from Fun Factory, and you'll never be bored in the bedroom again.


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